Minutes of AGM 2003

Minutes of 2003 AGM

Time: 6pm, Tuesday 7th week, Hilary 2003
Venue: St. Anne's College

Apologies for absence

Apologies for abscence were received from Annant Shah

Minutes of 2002 AGM

The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted as a genuine reflection of the meeting.

Matters arising from the 2002 Minutes

Since last year we have put the OULSC logo on our kit. It was recognized that we need to get our flag back.

President's Report, Nick Burch

The President informed everyone that he wasn't leaving oxford, so will be around next year. He felt that combining theory with committee meetings had not been successful, and that next year there should be separate committee meetings. He stressed that we need to find more new members.

Treasurer's Report, Nicola Morris

The Treasurer was pleased to inform us that the accounts improved dramatically over the year. She explained that there is still an outstanding pool payment because the cheque has not yet been cashed.

Captain's Report, Chris Bray

The Captain suggested that next year the club should hold two sessions a week, one for competition training and one for award training. This reflected his belief that we need more concentration on awards and need to be better prepared for Nationals and Varsity competitions.

Setting of subscription fee for 2003/2004

It was decided that the membership fee would be kept at £20 for next term. Subs for subsequent terms would be determined next term when the club is aware of the costs of using the new pool.


Wire Box

Somewhere in the depths of St Hilda's lies what was once known as lifesaving equipment. Due to the passing of time, our social secretary's secret fetishes and the beginnings of a new mould empire has in one way or another diminished.

This club resolves to get a wire box, and put things in it.

Proposed: Annant Shah



The club got a new logo and when we finally sorted out which drawing was our final draft we even got some kit! The club still hasn't done much else with the logo-kit box, letters etc

The club should do something more with its logo, including putting it on the website.

Proposed: Chris Bray


Roly Poly Competition

Extensive, in depth proposal attached!

Proposed: Nicola Morris

Passed with the following amendment:
Change "Two witnesses must be present, who may also compete as long as someone takes over their witness duties" to "at any time two of the members present must carry out the duties of the witness"

Oxford Competition 2003

The club held it third ever competition this year. Lots of teams turned up and gave us money. The club likes holding competitions almost as much as it likes winning them. Since we still need to win our own competition....

The club resolves to hold another competition, assuming that we actually have a committee and a pool next year.

Proposed: Nick Burch


Oxford Beach Competition 2003

The club held its third ever competition this year. Unfortunately, this competition was indoors. The club likes competitions, and likes the outdoors, especially when it's hot. Beaches are also always a good thing.

The club resolves to work with Boscombe Lifeguards to try to host the first ever Universities beach competition, at some point when (and if) it gets warm.

Proposed: Nick Burch


Election of Officers

The following people have put themselves forwards to fill posts on next years committee:

President: Greg Pearson

Captain: Annant Shah

Secretary: Nikki James

Treasurer: Jo Sobek

Equipment: William Gowdy (1st half only)

Socials: ?

All the above nominees were voted in. We will co-op people for equipment (2nd half of year) and social positions at a later date.

Note: Hilary Hamnett was co-opted as Equipment Officer for the 2nd part of the year. Nick Burch and Katrina Hann were co-opted as Social Secs.

Any Other Business


Chris Bray award for extreme muppetry


Votes: John 0, Greg 6, Chris 1, Nicola 2, Kat 1
Greg won for the second year running!

John Worth "Dark Horse" award


Votes: Greg 1, John 8, Hilary 1
John is therefore OULSC's "Dark Horse"

Jo Hemmingway "bandstand" award


Votes: Ant 3, Kat 7
Kat wins

Nick Burch `stalker' award


Votes: Nick 9, Nikki 1, John 0

Therefore Nick gets his own award

Chrisaimee couply award


Votes: Chrisaimee 4, Nic/Martin 1, Annikki 4, Abstentions 1

Annikki gets the award by presidents vote

Freedom of information award


Votes: Nicola 9, Kat 1

Nicola proudly wins!

Nicola Morris `Roly Poly' award

Not yet awarded.

Alex Gough Memorial Ribena


Votes: John 9, Will 0, Abstentions 1

John had the ribena later on

Annual Dinner

The annual dinner consisted of a take-away at Nick's house. Nikki went home as was still ill from food poisioning. Greg promised to turn up straight after his tute, but was distracted on the way by his next door neighbour ;-) Nick was very brief in his report of the evening... I'm not at all sure why!