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Minutes of 2004 AGM

Time: 6pm, Friday 5th week, Hilary 2004
Venue: University College

Apologies for absence

Apologies for abscence were received from Simon Sellars

Alex Gough & Roy Auty Memorial Sherry

This was drunk while we awaited all the committee arriving

Minutes of 2003 AGM, and matters arising

The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted as a genuine reflection of the meeting, with the following additions:

Nicola Morris Roly Poly Competition: this was carried out during HT 8th week session and was won by Nicola herself.

Oxford Beach Competition: this was held on Sat 28th June 2003 and was very hot and a great success.

Election of Officers: Co-options for the remaining 2003 committee positions were Nick Burch and Katrina Haan for Social Sec, and Hilary Hamnett for Equipment.

Club Logo: Following the motion by Chris Bray to use the club logo more, it has been used on more club kit, as a letter head and on club handouts. It had still to be put on the website.

President's Report, Greg Pearson

The president told that the club had had a good year "I think" but that he was a little disappointed with the turn out for competitions and the performance of Oxford A in the Oxford Competition as we came 22nd. He said he quietly confident about Varsity.

He also said that the Wednesday training sessions were starting to pay off.

Treasurer's Report, Jo Sobek

The treasurer produced detailed statements of the club accounts and a forecast for the next term. She pointed out that we made a profit of £127.54 on the Oxford Competition, but that the scout hut cheque hadn't been cashed and OUSD hadn't asked us to pay for the pool hire yet.

She also suggested that to encourage more people to compete that we pay the complete travel costs of new competitors and make a £5 contribution to all others.

The club is also still waiting for people to pay their £10 subs so that proof can be sent to the pool and we can claim back money for each person who has paid the £60 fee from the sports fed.

She also noted that some people still haven't paid for Christmas dinner.

Election of Officers

The following people have put themselves forwards to fill posts on next years committee:

President: Hilary Hamnett

Captain: Jo Sobek


Treasurer: Chris Bull

Equipment: Alex Lui


All the above nominees were voted in. It was agreed that the president should take over the role of secretary until someone is co-opted.

Note: Esther and Emily were subsequently co-opted as Social Secs.


Change of constitution

Change of paragraph 3 of the constitution to include that members of the club are those that have paid the relevant subscription and joined the university swimming pool.

Proposed: Hilary Hamnett


Oxford Competition 2004

Due to the large number of teams and general disorganization of the Oxford Competition 2003 that if our comp next year is the first of the year (tbc at BULSC Captains meeting) it be for freshers teams only and is strictly limited to 2 teams per club.

Proposed: Jo Sobek


Change of training session

If agreeable with the swimming pool the club's main session be moved back to Monday evenings.

Proposed: Jo and Hilary


Removal of the motion to buy a Wire Box from the constitution

Since the club now has a wire box at OUSD remove 8(g) from the constitution.

Proposed: Hilary Hamnett


Setting of subscription fee for 2004/2005

It was agreed that these would stay at £10 for the year with an option to pay in Hilary term.

Any Other Business

The captain suggested that we try and agree with the pool to have a trial week at the start of Hilary and Trinity terms for new members.


Dinner was University College formal hall (arranged by Jo and Lisi) and was followed by Univ bar where the awards were voted.


Chris Bray award for extreme muppetry


  • Greg

Greg won for the third year running!

John Worth "Dark Horse" award


  • Lisi - for coming from nowhere to beat us all at monopoly at Christmas dinner.

Lisi is therefore OULSC's "Dark Horse"

Chrisaimee couply award


  • Greg and Liz
  • Nick and Hilary
  • Annant and Nikki
  • Chris and Aimee

Greg and Liz won for being the only couple to get married so far

Nick Burch `stalker' award


  • Hilary - for finding out the gossip about Jo and passing it on

Hilary won

Freedom of information award


  • Alex Herbert from Birmingham for complaining about the clubs' report from the Birmingham 2004 competition.

Strangely enough, Alex won

Jo Hemmingway "bandstand" award


  • Jo - for pulling the bloke whose name she didn't know the night before Birmingham and the guy from the uni pool.
  • Greg - for being found naked with Liz in Nick's house by the landlord who came to show some people around.

Greg won

Alex Gough Memorial Ribena


  • Alex - for hardly ever drinking

Alex won, and drunk his pint at the Varsity social

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