Minutes of AGM 2005

Minutes of 2005 AGM

Time: 7pm, Friday 6th May, Trinity 2005
Venue: Lady Margaret Hall, MCR

Roy Auty Memorial Sherry

Was enjoyed by all.


Were received from Katie Eyre, Verdeep Dost, Sophie Abington and Alex Rowley (who had fallen asleep).

Minutes of 2004 AGM, and matters arising

The President (Hilary Hamnett) read through the 2004 minutes and all those who had been present, and could remember, certified that they were an accurate record of that meeting.

President's Report - Hilary Hamnett


The President announced that the academic year 2004-5 had been a very positive one for the club, in particular because of the enthusiasm shown by members for competitions.


The club's attendance and performance at Nationals especially was a great improvement on the 2003-4 season. Hilary proposed that we should adopt the "swift exit for pizza" strategy more often, instead of risking post- competition socials. The President also thanked our minibus drivers Nick and Will. The club agreed that it was much more enjoyable to take 2 teams to a competition to enjoy their support.


The club has purchased torpedo buoys and fins.

Other business

Hilary thanked the committee for their hard work and the Secretary (Gillian Hamnett) gave out 'Thankyou cards'. The attendance trophy went on official record (for best attendance at Wednesday morning swimming sessions), the recipient in 2004 being Gillian. The trophy will be awarded at the Christmas Dinner every year. It was also decided that the club should have one black-tie dinner and one casual dinner (AGM/Christmas) annually, but these could alternate.

Treasurer's Report - Chris Bull

After purchasing kit and the mini-bus expenses, we are left with 160 in the club account. However, the Rosenblatt owes us 10 per member - due at the end of TT (approx 100 for 2004-5). The President announced that henceforth in order to save money, members would have to pay for their own RLSS exams (usually in the region of 20).

Subscription Fee

Subs will stay at 15 per year.

Any items of kit requested

Suggestions for further purchases were suggested including bigger fins (Alex L) and white swimming hats for team captains in competitions (Simon).

Presented awards: Most Improved Lifesaver

James Rollinson, Balliol

Club Voted awards:

  1. Chris Bray Award for Extreme Muppetry: Alex Rowley, Catz
  2. John Worth "Dark Horse" Award: Jo Sobek, Univ & Chris Bull, Catz
  3. Jo Hemmingway "bandstand" Award: Nick Burch, ex Magdalen
  4. Alex Gough Memorial Ribena: Gillian Hamnett. L.M.H.

Needs for next year

A lunchtime swimming session was mooted, but not terribly popular. The laminated cards were very useful for training - some more would be appreciated. Timing of swim and tow would be more useful if everyone had the same partner each week.


Katie, Verdeep, Alex and Chris all offered to try to book a room for Thursday nights 7.30-8.30pm starting in MT 2005.

Coaches' report and plans for next year

Simon asked whether a structured plan of training would be useful. More feedback would be great! Nick said the coaches have seen improvements in everyone.

Women's Half-Blues

In 2004-5:

It was decided that if anyone wanted to get a 2nd half-blue in a subsequent academic year, they must get a better time in their swim and tow to qualify.


The club's inter-college competition "Cuppers" was set for the 11th June. Participants must attend an open session on 4th June, unless novices are confident. Simon and Nick will judge. We will appeal to old members to body. Hilary promised to hand out posters.


Anyone who wants to take exams needs to e-mail Gillian, and pay in advance.

Presentation of remaining half-blue certificates

A half-blue certificate was presented to Emily Allsop.

Voting of 2005-6 Committee


Awards - it was voted to suspend the "Chrisaimee couply Award" (until we get some more couples). Also to ditch the "Freedom of Information Award" and replace it with the "James Rollinson Award for Extreme Thespianism".