OULSC Code of Practice

This code of practice was last updated on Sun Nov 14 2004


The club exists to teach basic and advanced lifesaving skills to its members and to train teams for competitions. It is affiliated to the RLSS and is registered with the Proctors.

The club offers instruction for RLSS first aid and water based awards and will organize examiners and venues for members who wish to attempt these awards.

The club owns approved mannequins, RLSS literature and a collection of rescue aids which are available for the use of its members.

Health & Safety

The club carries out regular risk assessments which are submitted to the sports' federation for approval and through affiliation with the RLSS maintains adequate insurance cover. The club follows the current RLSS code of practice, a copy of which is available upon request.

To protect the safety of its members the club asks that jewellery and watches are not worn while swimming. Members are advised to warm up and stretch before performing any strenuous training and time will be alloted for this to occur. Where hazardous activities are undertaken (for instance, lifting casualties from water) the club shall provide full instruction in the proper techniques prior to such activities taking place.

The club will provide adequate first aid cover at all times, and will ensure that first aid kits are available at any venue used for club activities. The club will also provide trained lifesavers to be on duty during any swimming sessions.

Accident Procedures

In the unlikely event of an incident which causes injury to a member of the club or which might have lead to an injury (a near miss), the committee will report the incident to the Sports' Federation and, if necessary, conduct a full investigation.


Club members are expected to provide their own swim wear, goggles and hats. Members should also provide any clothing which is necessary for RLSS examinations.

The club will provide all first aid and lifesaving training equipment and will ensure that the equipment is well maintained and in good order.


Members will be trained for RLSS awards which are appropriate to their current levels of experience and qualification (the RLSS awards scheme being sequential). Any members who are new to lifesaving will be taught to 'Bronze Medallion' and 'Life Support 1' standard initially. Instruction will be carried out by experienced members.

Before being entered into competition teams, members must hold a Bronze medallion (or similar award), or must be of a standard where they are expected to pass such an exam and are awaiting the next set of examinations. The club will endeavour to inform its members of the itinerary for any competition or training trips one week before the trip is due to take place. The club will also inform the Sports' Federation of any trips it makes.

Conduct of Individual Members

All club members are reminded to conduct themselves with the utmost responsibility at all times. Members should retain absolute regard for safety and not deliberately or otherwise, endanger the participation of other people whether they are members of the club of not. Members should not act in any way which brings the name of the club or the University of Oxford into disrepute.