2000/2001 season
Summary 2000/2001

Competition  |  A  B  | (of)
Oxford       | 15  -  | (20)
Warwick      |  2  8  | (22)
London       |  2  -  | (16)
Varsity      |  1  2  | ( 4)
Nottingham   | 11 18  | (18)
Birmingham   |  5  -  | (13)
Swansea      |  3  -  | ( 9)
Southampton  |  3  9  | (20)

Oxford 2000

Given that we had only really had two proper training sessions before the event, then this was not a bad performance. We are mostly happy that the event ran smoothly and that lots of people entered. A full report will follow shortly, along with photographs. (Results table) (Photographs).


After a slightly disappointing result at our own competition we were able to rescue our reputation and pride with excellent results from both teams that were sent to Warwick. The A team came 2nd (beaten by Birmingham) and the B team was awarded 8th place, beating 5 other A teams in the process.

The A team came first in the rope throw and second in the dry incident, third in the wet incident but was disqualified from the swim and tow relay, which was a little disappointing, after a time of 7:16. The B team came first in the wet incident and 13th in the dry. They were also disqualified from the swim and tow and failed to finish the rope throw. (Results table)


It seems that Oxford are now becomming a team to beat. With our second second place of the year. As the competition was outside of term, we were only able to send one team, but it performed very well. Coming first in the rope throw, fourth in the torpedo bouy relay and seventh in the incident. Again we failed to come first by a two point margin. (Results table.)


The most important match of the year, and a chance to repay Cambridge after a defeat in our own competition saw a close match with Oxford finally coming out on top. The competition was followed by a few pubs in the deepest pits of Cambridge and a slightly misty trip to Fitzwilliam college. The journey home saw reduced visibility through some of the minibus's windows, but not others. No medals, but some lovely whistles.


Birmingham 5th of 13. 9th in incident (people rather unfairly hidden in changing rooms). 3rd in ropes. 5th in swim & tow. 6th in torpedo. 4th in strokes relay.


Nottingham A 11th B 18th of 18 again, poor marking during incidents, with A coming 14th and B 18th. Most unfair, we thought. And they got our rope throw time wrong. That didn't make any difference, but still.


A slightly laid back competition was attended by only one team (although this is the first year that we have been to Swansea). After a good rope throw and an exhausting swim, not to mention a giggle-filled dry incident, the team came third. Alas we lost the clothed-then-not-clothed relay, and didn't do that well in pub golf, but were mostly competing with three people, one of which was Alex. The "Mumbles Mile" was followed (or finished) with a heavy pile of sweaty pre-school bouncing.


The last competition of the year saw a repeat of the last competition of last year. Yet again we came third at Southampton. The event was well attended with good, although underpopulated, incidents. The boat-trip was good fun, we did seem to go round and round in circles but no one had the energy to mind.