2001/2002 Season Competition Reports
Summary 2001/2002

Competition          |  A  B  | (of)
Oxford               |  2  ?  | (20?)
Warwick              |  ?  ?  | (?)
London               |  ?  -  | (?)
Varsity              |  3  4  | ( 4)
Nottingham           |  ?  ?  | (?)
Southampton          | 16  -  | (22)
Swansea              |  ?  -  | (?)
Bournemouth Regatta  |  9  -  | (9)

Oxford 2001

A good start to the year with a second place finish. We'll try and track down the results sheet so we can post them here.


Alas our luck was up, and after a string of wins Cambridge finally got the upper hand. A close fought competition, but the Tabs always seemed to be that tiny bit better, probably due to their extra weekly pool session. The score sheet is here.
Still, the social afterwards was great, and we've got a report on it here.


Once again Nottingham hosted and won the nationals. Unlike last year, we hit the snow on the way up, rather than the way home. After the joy of walking from isolation to the pool in the snow, we came across the biggest incident of the year (set by the guys and girls from Bournemouth, who came up with something even better for their regatta). We didn't do quite as well as we'd hoped to, but we'll do better next year.... Oh, and we got our flag back from the evil tab's who'd stolen and grafitied it. "Oxtail Soupsaving" indeed.


A mad knife weilding guy in a cupboard cost us a good place on the dry incident, and the wet incident didn't count owing to it overrunning the time slot. Swim and tow was good, but the pool side step caused us issue and we didn't end up finishing. The social afterwards was once again on a boat, they claimed it was a bigger one than last year but we're not convinced...


Greg has promised to write a report. We're now just waiting for him to do so...

Bournemouth Regatta Training, with Boscombe Lifeguards

While not technically a competition, this seemed like the best place to write about the weekend....

With Bournemouth Regatta looming, we decided it'd be quite a good plan to get some beach training in. Very kindly, Boscombe invited us to train with them, so two weeks before regatta we paid them a visit.

We didn't get up to all that much on Saturday morning, owing to Chris and Aimee not leaving Oxford until lunchtime.... still, Nick and John were able to spend some time doing foot patrols, learning about radios, first aid forms and similar. Once Chris and Aimee made it to the beach (via the wrong car park - Chris was directing!), the training proper could start. We made full use of the available boards (both Cobra Ski's and Malabu Boards), and spent quite some time practicing on these. Eventually we summoned the courage, and went for a swim. Unfortunately John got a "bit" cold, and had to go back to the hut to warm up. The rest were undeterred, and practiced a few swim and tow's before finally calling it a day.

On Sunday, we didn't have that long to spend at the beach. After some thought, we decided that sea swimming was the order of the day. Unfortunately, we got to the beach a bit early, and had to go before the Boscombe lot arrived! Still, we had a nice walk on the beach before heading home.

Oh, and big big thanks to Boscombe Lifeguards for letting us train with them, use their kit, and generally get in their way for the weekend!

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Bournemouth Regatta

Fully prepared after our training session with Boscombe Lifegaurds, the hardened team of Nick, John, Chris, Aimee and Laura decended on Bournemouth. Our aim was to not come last, whilst having a good time. Oh, and also find some kit to borrow to use in events, find a 6th team member, and not forgetting a replacement for Laura for the Sunday...

On arrival at Durley Chine on the Saturday, we quickly located the other University teams (Nottingham and Birmingham), entering for the first year ever (a few of their members helped with the running the previous year). After much persuading, the lovely Beth from Birmingham agreed to join our team, and we were good to go. Registration proved interesting (the forms we needed had been sent via Oxford, and arrived the monday after the competition....), but with that over we kitted and sun creamed up, and went off to our first events.

(For a fuller description of the Regatta in general, see the report at http://www.uni-lifesaving.org.uk/. We will constrain our selves to Oxford specifics in this report)

The Saturday went pretty well. We managed to beg and borrow all the kit we needed (big thanks Bournemouth and Boscombe!), and even came third in the half team incident. John did admirably in the "Iron Man" event, thwarted at the last minute by someone else stealing his torpedo bouy when theirs drifted away! Nick and Laura did rediculously large amounts of swimming in the sea without wetsuits, and ocassionally even beat Boscombe, who were in the next lane. Most of us went for a bit of a run, did a first aid incident, threw ropes or bouys, and tied the odd knot or two. The weather was perfect, and a good day was had by all.

On Saturday evening, we all treked off to the social

The Sunday started a bit earlier, and we were only a few minutes late arriving. As the first event was a whole team incident, we headed into isolation, very much in uni competition style. Being first out, we didn't have too much time to wait, and mostly occupied ourselves by some frantic reading of the rules to try to figure out exactly what we had to do that afternoon! We found the incident challenging but enjoyable, and certainly in a different league to normal uni competition incidents (for a full description of the incident, see the report at http://www.uni-lifesaving.org.uk/). With the incident done, some of us headed off to buy lunch and collect the kit we'd forgotten, while the rest settled back to watch the other teams (and take a few photos, see below). The afternoon's events comprised a number of tows, both on boards and various swimming with things, as well as a mega distance swim (admirably done by John). We didn't compete in the Reel and Line, owing to both a lack of one and a lack of practice with one, but we did do the march past. Unfortunately, owing to needing to get a club shirt that'd been drying in a car (Chris got it wet in the incident), we managed to be late to it, and a lack of any ability left us last. Ah well, we didn't join lifesaving to march!

Now for some thanks:
Beth from Birmingham - we love you, thanks for joinging our team! Laura's friend Sophie - thanks for stepping in for Laura on the Sunday, and doing so well on the incident. Nick & Laura's parents for letting us all crash at their house. Bournemouth and Boscombe - thanks for lending us soooooo much kit, at such short notice. We'll get some of our own for next year, honest!

Oh, and well done to Nottingham. Despite this being their first beach competition, they still managed to finish 2nd in both men's and women's competitions. Now who says that Uni teams can't do well at the beach as well as in the pool?

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