2003/2004 Season Competition Reports
Summary 2003/2004

Competition          |  A  B  |  (rank)
Oxford               | 22  29 |  10  9
Warwick              |  -  18 |   9  9
London               | 13  -  |   9  9
Birmingham           | 14  -  |  10  9
Varsity              |  1   4 |   -  - 
Nottingham           | 19  -  |  10 10

Oxford 2003

With the competition held so close to the start of the year, and with many of the best club members helping to run the competition, we were never expecting a stunning performance. Coming 22nd was a slight disapointment, but hopefully we'll be able to turn things around for future compeitions, once all the training sessions have kicked in.

For more information on the competition itself, take a look at the Oxford 2003 page.


Team: Nick, Hilary and Rowan with Southampton's Tina, Jenny and Alex

This year Warwick were experimenting with 6 person teams, unfortunately we only managed to scrape half a team together on the day, so we joined up with some spares and competed under the guise of Southampton B.

The incident (3 and a half minutes) was a subject of much debate amongst the teams as it involved only two members of the team entering the pool and the rest waiting outside down a flight of stairs until someone called for help. A clever idea but required more thought as two-thirds of the Oxford/Southampton team didn't get a go at the incident! For those who did though it involved a couple of locked (but deaf) swimmers, a lifeguard doing adult CPR on a child manikin, the obligatory tango man on the pool floor, a drunk who eventually fell in, an expert Botanist getting worked up over his rare flowers and various bleeding and in shock casualties with some quite convincing fake blood.

The rope throw started well with both Nick and Hilary managing it on the first attempt but the girls from Southampton needed a few throws before having any success, and Oxford's Rowan didn't get a chance to impress us with her skills. We did manage the amazing feat of not being disqualified however.

The swim and tow went fairly well with everyone managing a good time despite all three of the Oxford team being less than on top form - we were suffering from colds! Hopefully our wednesday afternoon sessions will start to have an effect soon. It was also noted that 6 person swim and tows take ages!!

We finished 2nd last getting a few points for the B team league but thankfully our perfomance was overshadowed by the Southampton A team finishing first (well done!)

The Oxford half of the team didn't stay for the social (owing to work commitments), but it was apparently a murder mystery pub crawl.



Team: Nick, Hilary, Jo and Claire from Manchester

Due to a last minute drop out we had find a random on the day which meant we had two first time competitors on our team, Manchester's Claire and our very own Jo.

The team

The incident (2 mins 30s) was supposed to be in a lake involving various injured kyakers, but due to a misunderstanding with the ULU pool staff for the first hour we had a public swimming session in half of the pool! The incidents provided quite a show for them and the pool lifeguards on duty!

The bodies included a couple of bystanders, one of which was a qualified lifesaver and was put to good use looking after a guy with an injured leg by Nick (comedy highlights included other teams trying to treat the lifesaver for shock). Another bystander had a mobile phone and Jo's ultra-quick utilization of her earned us a stunning 9/10!

In the water was a slightly dazed but able to swim casualty, another with a sore back and one slumped over a kayak. Inside the boats were a couple of sneakily hidden child and baby manikins which we didn't manage to find but hey! Oh yes and the tango man was there too.

Dealing with the incident

The rope throw started well but ended during Claire's go leaving Jo without a chance at throwing - something she is gutted about! More comedy was provided by Warwick who managed to get their rope caught in the ceiling.

The swim and tow was only 33m so theoretically was meant to be easier than normal but really it just meant the fit people could be even fitter than usual -Loughborough's request to use fins in the relays was denied thankfully!

We skipped the medical relay in order to get to the bar earlier and overall we finished 14th. Then it was off to a pub near to ULU.

Cheerleading at the competition was provided by Alex Gough and Hilary's twin sister Gillian.

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The team

Team: Hilary, Alex, Esther, Jo

After last years' incident with an upturned car we were expecting something good from birmingham. After a slightly shaky start involving Nick and Hilary arriving at the station at 9:59 for a 10:02 train we made it to the sports centre and picked up our final team member Jo (who had been out on the piss in Birmingham on Friday night).

After getting changed and going into isolation in the dance studio the judges moved us to two smaller (unheated squash) courts mumbling something about "working on the electrics". Anyway Jo correctly guessed that the dry would be in the dance studio in a blackout. They did provide us with one miniscule torch however and a phone to call an ambulance for the various casualties which included someone complaining of pain in their legs, an unconscious breathing casulty, someone with chest pains and an electrocuted manikin. Jo quickly found the phone and then dealt with the guy with chest pains learning the loaction of his medicine (which was in a bag in a pile of bags in the pitch black!). Alex put the non responsive guy in the recovery position but then he and Esther managed to electrocute themselves on the manikin! Luckily it was just before the end of the incident.

Locked swimmers Then to the wet, the first part of which was extracting the first aid kit from a pool lifeguard just going off duty from a "Fun Pool" session.
Thanks to Esther's desire to take all the first aid kits in the room (and some of the lifeguards person belongings too) we managed not to get palmed off with the lunch box first aid kit (with only sandwhiches in!) but got the real one too.

The wet incident in the pool involved locked swimmers and an injured swimmer who was being inexpertly saved by a weak swimmer (resuced by Esther and Alex), a dibetic (dealt with by Jo), a guy having an asthma attack (Alex got to him just too late and had to do EAV), a lifeguard rescuing a child manikin and doing CPR, a guy under a boat and a tango man. The jewel in the oxford crown was being the only team (out of 24) to also realise that there was a girl trying to commit suicide in the changing rooms (lots of blood, vomit and paracetamol packets) the only person who knew this was the weak swimmer whom Hilary asked "what happened?". Jo armed with gloves went to deal with them but didn't get very far as our 2 and a half mins were up!

Nick, slacks off and Judges

After watching the remaining teams do the incident the rope throw started, only Alex managed to get it out but hey at least we weren't disqualified so we got some points for once!

Then it was the scrubs swim and tow, during which it became very obvious who had been practising before hand (the bigger clubs like Birmingham and Nottingham). Anyway, we hadn't, so found it quite hard - especially given our shorter than average team all had to wear the same one size of scrubs!

After that was food and the results, Birmingham won (at least it wasn't yet another Nottingham crushing victory...), and we came in at 14th (our highest place so far this year). After a brief stay at the social, we elected to get the last train back and got home around 10.30pm.

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A team - Greg, Chris, Jo, Annant

Varsity Match vs Cambridge

A Team: Chris (Bray), Annant, Greg, Jo
B Team: Hilary, Alex, Chris (Bull), Rowan
C Team: Esther, Sarah, Haris, Nikki

7th (Official) Varsity Match, Saturday 14th Feb 2004, Rosenblatt Pool, Oxford

With the previous varsity matches at 3 all, both sides were keen for a win when we finally got going at 4.30pm (Cambridge lost one of their teams in traffic and we lost half our C team).

The 2 person dry incident took place in the rugby fives courts which handily came with a set of spectator benches, so the wet competitors could watch.

The incident started with couple arguing before the man hit the women who collapsed dropping her baby. The man then had an angina attack, and a bystander (Kat from Oxford) generally flapped about. Most teams managed to deal with the baby and place the woman (who was breathing) in the recovery C team - Haris, Nikki, Sarah, Esther, in height order... position apart from Cambridge A who believed Kat when she said that the woman wasn't breathing! The angina guy (Sarah's boyfriend) was slightly trickier as he wouldn't take his medication.

The wet incident was on a beach (with the pool floor raised) and had one unconscious casualty (tango man), a couple of drunks, two girls playing with a ball in the water and a lifeguard who had sprained her ankle.

All but one team managed to stop drunks getting in the water and becoming casulaties themselves but the slope of the pool made landing the casualty something of a challenge! The Oxford C team wet incident was excellent with Esther managing to control the two very large (in comparison) drunks just by shouting at them.

Jo is now the official club incident forecaster after guessing the blackout at Birmingham, she also guessed the baby in the dry (telling Greg before they went in that he would have to deal with it) and predicting the drunks in the wet. So Jo, what's happening in Nationals?

The rope throw Then it was the swim and tow which went well apart from Cambridge A were disqualified for not touching, for those who want to see times the full results are here. The rope throw was won by Oxford A (thanks to a certain company for unleashing Jo's wrath which she turned into a very successful first throw!) but the low plinth and step caused a few problems for the tabs who weren't used to it.

Final results: Oxf A, Cam B, Cam A, Oxf B - well done Oxford!
Detailed breakdown should be online in a few days.

Thanks to the bodies, Judges and OUSD staff.

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Nationals (Nottingham)

Team: Hilary, Jo, Esther and Rich from Southampton

Nationals (in Nottingham) was the last thing on the agenda for the outgoing committee, shame neither Annant or Greg came then! The new Captain and president were out in force though and joined up with Rich from the Southampton C team which didn't quite make it on the day.

Waiting in Isolation We were drawn in the last heat (of 4) and as Nottingham were going for a large number of complicated incidents we ended up sitting in isolation in the freezing gym for 4 hours overall (in addition to all the events the competition started 90 mins late!) This did give us time to pratice knots, throw ropes and eat mini eggs though.

When we finally got started, the first incident was the "4 man initiative" a rather thinly disguised dry incident and was set at a BBQ gone wrong. It contained a manikin under a pile of coats, some drunks with a football, someone with burns, someone who had bitten their tongue and various dazed and in shock bystanders. Next up was the stations, Jo got the resuci manikin but admitted later to forgetting to pinch the nose (doh!), Esther the questionnaire (lucky given that she is the future doctor amongst us!), Hilary the knots and Rich the first aid (a guy with a broken collar bone).

The Oxford Team Then it was the 4 man first aid set at a wedding reception. As we entered the room the best man was being pushed over by the bride (he'd been having an affair with the groom). This resulted in a hip injury which Hilary dealt with whilst Jo argued with the DJ about turning the music off, she then sent the DJ for an ambulance. Unbeknown to Hilary, who then sent the waiter for an ambulance too, unfortunately he had the Epi-pen of the girl who went into anaphylactic shock after eating some cake that had been near some peanuts (spotted expertly by Esther who saw the medi-bracelet). Rich meanwhile was dealing with a bridesmaid with a cut and just before the end we spotted the tracheoctamy manikin (v.impressed with that by the way guys!)

This finally heralded the end of the Nottingham competition incidents and the Nationals started. The 2 man wet and dry incidents were run at the same time. Jo and Hilary dealt with the dry which was in a tanning room. Two girls were fighting over a sunbed at the start, one of which collapsed and turned into a not breathing manikin, another girl was unconscious but breathing on a sun bed (hmm I sense a slightly sexist theme here, don't the men of Nottingham ever use sunbeds?). Someone else appeared in the incident sufferig from heatstroke.

Jo tows Hilary In the wet, a windsuring board had capsized turfing its owner into the pool near to a non-swimmer and a tangoman in the deep end. In the shallow end a bystander wondered round whilst four people played with a frisbee, one of who subsequently had an asthma attack. Rich went for the deep end whilst Esther dealt with the shallow end lot before turning her attention to a manikin on the side which was supposed to replace the tangoman when rescued, but hadn't been put away after the previous incident!!!

After the incidents was the swim and tow and we found out that Rich wasn't kidding when he said it was his favourite event, taking us into an early lead in our heat towing Esther. Picking up Jo, Esther then swam neck and neck with Birmingham in the next lane all the way. Our final lap with Hilary towing Rich was another neck and neck with Warwick, just won by us in a photo finish!

Everyone at the social Then the rope throw which was a bit disappointing as we only got one in and finally the medley relay (backstroke, breastroke, sidestroke, front crawl).

Finally we could escape and get showered (under the one ladies shower) and changed for food. Esther disappeared off to play Jazz for some Masons but the rest of us (including Nick who was judging) stuck around for the results, we came 19th joint with Cambridge B. Nottingham won again so it's back there next year.

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