2005/2006 Season Competition Reports
Results 2005/2006

Competition          |  A  B  |  (rank)
London               |  9  16 |  9  9
                     |        |  
Nationals            |        |  


A Team: Hilary, Alex L, Rachel L and Verdeep

B Team: Nick, Katie, Gillian and David

A good turnout from Home Counties dwellers meant that we took 2 teams to London this year, with most people coming from home and meeting us there.

Hilary, Gillian, Nick and Alex came on the train from Oxford and met the others at Russell Square tube (the Oxford lot a bit breathless after Nick told us it was "lazy' to take the lift). When we arrived at ULU the rules meeting was still in progress so we mooched about in the corridor until it ended.

Isolation finally started in the hall where we were entertained by Loughborough attempting skipping and a game of knock-out whist which ended in a show down between Hilary and Rachel. During the game our mascot was stolen :(

Oxford B were called to do the dry incident which was deceptively easy, two drunks, a choking girl, two manikins one of which was burnt. Oxford A managed to treat the burns victim with water hanging around in a bottle (at least I hope it was water!) In the wet incident several drunken revellers were drowning along with a tangoman, a manikin under a table (which Oxford B got) and two drunks on the side.

For the B team rope throw it was a race to the bottom for Gillian and Katie who were fighting it out for who was going to throw last. B team got 2 out and the A team 3 with Hilary and Gillian still going at the end. Excellent throws from Alex (as always) and Verdeep who got them out first time and shame about the time penalty from David.

Photo /nick/8186 Photo /nick/8204

The swim and tow was next (33m swim and 33m tow) and the A team started leading their heat thanks to the very speedy Rachel. We eventually managed 2nd place to Loughborough C in the heat. As we were running late there was no frightful manikin relay yay! However because of this there was a captain's meeting at the end to decide if the competition should actually count towards the league (yes it did) and after an appeal Hilary got the mascot back safe and sound.

After that most people went home on their various tubes and trains but Hilary, Katie, Nick and David went for dinner at a small italian near ULU where we met up with one of our alumni from last year - James Rollinson who's currently doing a PGCE in London.



Saturday 11th Feb 2006, Oxford University Sports' Centre

A Team: Hilary, Richard, Alex, Rachel L

B Team: Katie, Verdeep, Chris, Rachel R

C Team: Esther, Moyang, Sophie, David

Bodies: Gillian, Ellie, Mike, Jo.

Varsity returned to Oxford this year, with the home team furnishing 3 teams and even persuading some old members to participate as bodies. Captain Katie and President Hilary deliberated long and hard over team composition, and every competitor in the club underwent time trials. Nick, Simon and Tab Chris set and judged the incidents (wet and dry) which were very imaginative and challenging.

A Team Photo /nick/8381 Photo /nick/8378
Alex Liu, Hilary Burch (C), Richard Earnshaw and Rachel Lambert Verdeep Dost, Rachel Rowland, Katie Eyre (C) and Chris Bull Sophie Abington, Moyang Chen, David Pallot and Esther Hobson (C)

The dry incident was set in student halls at a "campus university" (thank you for the explanation Simon!), and included casualties with burns, cuts and angina. There was also an electrocuted manikin and generally a lot of chaos. Very few teams actually thought to bring the girl with the burns inside the house, and at one point we thought Cambridge C was going to tip a bucket of water over the casualty's head! Fortunes were mixed for the Oxford teams: Rachel R got electrocuted (d'oh!) and Hilary had to drag an enthusiastic Richard away from the toaster to prevent the same happening to him. No wonder Cambridge A won the dry...

The wet incident (a punting accident) really challenged communciations as the teams were split in half on opposite sides of the pool - the only way to get across was through the 'river'. There were casualties in various states of distress, three of whom spoke no English, and the obligatory tango men. Gillian was waiting in the wings poised to offer assistance/mobile phone after two clear shouts for "Help!" from the teams. Unfortunately only Cambridge B, Oxford B and Oxford C actually shouted help more than once, and Cambridge C didn't shout at all. Oxford A recovered from a dodgy start - Hilary went running the wrong way!

The rope throw was an unqualified disaster for both Cambridge and Oxford, with not one team managing to complete the relay...the shame! Cambridge A and Oxford A shared the er..glory of this event. Next the swim and tow really demonstrated how hard Oxford had been training under Hilary's iron fist. Oxford came 1st, 3rd and 4th, meaning that the A, B and C teams all beat their respective Tab equivalents and Oxford C beat Cambridge B (only just)! There were especially exciting photo finishes for the C and A teams -well done to Sophie and Rachel L. Congrats to Oxford A who won that event.

Things went a bit pear-shaped for Oxford in the medley relay, not due to our swimming speed, but because our fins were much smaller than the Tabs'. Cambridge had some very swanky fins, and really knew how to use them; their dive starts were very impressive. Many profanities ensued, mostly from Rachel L and Esther, but Cambridge A won that event.

This meant victory for the Tabs - well done to Cambridge A. The overall results were read out with the traditional Oxford quirky results (Oxford C beat both Cambridge B and Oxford B). The we headed out for the social.

Thanks to Hilary for all of her hard work (as usual), to the bodies, the judges, the Tabs and finally not forgetting the Sports Centre staff.