1999/2000 season
Summary 1999/2000

Competition  |  A  B  | (of)
Windsor      |  3  -  | ( 5)
Nottingham   | 10 18  | (18)
Warwick      |  8 11  | (14)
London       |  5  -  | (11)
[Varsity]    | [1][3] | [ 4]
Loughborough |  3  7  | (11)
Southampton  |  2  -  | (21)

Thames Valley Open Water

During summer vacation

So far we have had a highly sucessful start to this year with Aimee and Alex proving that they aren't just hard working committee members and pretty faces (?!) but also good at lifesaving. A magnificent third place was gained in our first ever open water competition on the Thames in Windsor (and yes, it was cold).

Nottingham University

Michaelmas Week 4

The first real competition of the year provided the club with a chance to familiarise novice competitors with the mechanics of a competition. The A team, made up of experienced members came 10th with a disappointing rope throw event (caused by an odd pool layout). The B team came 18th, which was lower than expected. Results table.

Warwick University

Michaelmas Week 5

The Nottingham competition went very well with the A team coming 6th, including near perfect performance in the racing events. The B team performed less well but all team members now have some experience of competing. Results table.

London (ULU)

Michaelmas Week 9

Only one team was sent to the inaugral competition at London as it was held during a vacation. The team performed well gaining a fifth place. Of special note was Jon Worth speaking German to the 'trick' casualty in the wet incident and another very good timed swim (over 132m). The social was a lot less debauched than the post Warwick excess, but was mostly enjoyable none the less. The team was shocked to find that "Oxford Jo" has become something of a legend within lifesaving circles. Results table and photographs

Varsity Match (Reading)

Hilary Week 5

Following something of a training debacle, we were still able to see off some spirited competition from the Cambridge Lifesavers. We won both A and B team competitions, although only by a tight margin, contributing 3 points to the overall match score. The competition was very well organised (assuming we forget the fun we had getting to Reading!) with good incidents and excellent judging. Results Table and Photo.

Nationals (Loughborough)

Hilary Week 6

This year saw our best ever result in a national competition, our A team came third and was strong in all events and was not put off by having to remove the river bank so as to rescue two swimmers. The B team got a spirited 7th place but failed to complete the rope throw. Nottingham won the competition with Birmingham coming second. Results Table and Photo.

Southampton University

Hilary Week 8

Southampton hosted the best competition yet this year. There were three incidents, one wet and two dry, in which all four team members participated. These were followed by the usual swim & tow and rope throw with the addition of a torpedo bouy towing event. The team performed very well in every event coming second overall (our first ever second place!). Results Table.