Oxford & Boscombe Beach Competition 2003

(Last updated: Sun Feb 26 2006)


This was helf on Saturday 28th June, and was a great sucess. It was the first ever Universities beach competition, run jointly by Oxford and Boscombe Lifeguards. It was a fun weekend, with a competition somewhere between a normal pool competition and a full blown external beach competition, with a social afterwards, and people helping out at Boscombe the day after.

The overall scores are now available, as are the incident scores breakdowns (to be read in conjunction with the mark sheets and casualty briefing sheets below):
Full Results in PDF Format
Full Results in Excel Format
Incident Results in PDF Format

The following incident guides are available:
Judges mark sheets (not filled in)
Map and information on the incident
Casualty briefing sheets

The photos can be found here:

The photos
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Boscombe Beach

The Competition Entry Stuff

When: Saturday 28th June 2003
 (+ helping out with Boscombe Lifeguards on the Sunday)

Where: Boscombe Lifeguards, Boscombe, Dorset (Multimap)
 The unit is situated just east of Boscombe Pier (map), and is a short walk from Bournemouth Railway Station.

Times: Registration from 11.30pm, captain's briefing at 12.45pm, isolation from 1pm

Teams: 4 person mixed teams

Events: Rules for all of these can be found on the Uni-Lifesaving site

Entry Costs: £20 per team of 4. (Excludes social costs, and probably also food costs)

Beach Events


We're now accepting entries. So, if you'd like to come, then email OULSC to let us know:

Then, dust off those cheque books, and post a cheque for £20/team payable to "OULSC" off to "Jo Sobek, University College, Oxford, OX1 4BH"

Lone Entries

If you're club can't manage a full team, then please get in contact with us. We are planning to put together a few "multicultural" teams made up of people from a variety of clubs. So, even if you're from a small club, you have no excuse not to come along and compete!

Teams Coming

The following teams have entered:

The following teams have expressed a serious interest:

The following teams expressed interest in the past, but we haven't had anything from them recently...:

Beach Events


The general plan is to hold the competition on the Saturday afternoon, then have a BBQ at the beach. After that, it'll be a big night out in Bournemouth, and kipping in a church hall somewhere (when we find one...). Finally, on the Sunday, everyone is invited to come back to the beach to spend part or all of the day patrolling with Boscombe.

The competition format will be somewhere between that of a normal uni comp and an external beach comp. This means that clubs without much beach experience will be able to compete, and you won't need to go and buy any expensive new kit.

As with all other University competitions, it's mixed teams of 4, with everyone doing as much of the same stuff as possible. First up is a combined beach incident - like a 4 person pool incident only with sand. After that is beach flags - an event of fast sand running and some cunning. Then we have a run-swim-tow-run race - differnt taking different parts of the event, needing running and swimming skills. Finally we have a swim and tow relay - simpler than a pool one, and lets the runners from the previous event do some swimming!

So, if you're a club that hasn't done much beach work before, or you're one that's camped out at the beach every weekend, we want to see you along! It'll be a great fun day / weekend (your choice), good competition events which everyone can do, and a kicking social afterwards. What are you waiting for, enter now!