Oxford Lifesaving Competition 2003

(Last updated 02/11/03)

On Saturday, 1st November, 2003, we hosted our first ever competition in the new Rosenblatt Swimming Pool at the University Sports Complex on Iffley Road.

A stunning 30 teams took part in the competition, from 13 Universities, and we introduced 18 teams of Freshers to the world of University Lifesaving.

Unfortunately, we did have a few teething troubles with the competition, and things over-ran a bit. With the kind help of the pool staff staying late, we did manage to complete the whole event, though the swim and tow had to be shortened to 25m each way, rather than the normal 50m. Oh, and we inadvertently swapped the positions of Southampton B and Warwick B on the score sheet we read out, so gave the Bronze medals to the wrong people. Sorry guys...


Full results sheets:

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Incident score sheets:

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Incidents guides:

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Final positions:

Position Team Name
1 Nottingham A
2 Nottingham C
3 Warwick B
4 Southampton A
4 Birmingham A
6 Warwick A
7 Cambridge B
8 London B
9 London A
10 Nottingham D
11 Cambridge A
12 Southampton B
13 Southampton C
14 Loughborough B
15 Birmingham B
16 St Andrews A
17 St Andrews B
18 Loughborough C
19 Nottingham B
20 Birmingham C
20 Loughborough A
22 Oxford A
23 Nottingham E
24 Plymouth A
25 Manchester A
26 London C
27 Nottingham + Warwick
28 Bristol A
29 Oxford B
30 Warwick C
Aberdeen A