Our first ever Lifesaving Cuppers competition was held on 11th June 2005 at the Rosenblatt Pool, Iffley Road. We had 8 teams from 6 colleges - LMH, OUWPC, Peter's, Balliol, Univ and New.

The victorious Peter's Boys


Competition Report

Cuppers started at the all together civilised hour of 4.30pm at the Iffley Road Pool. Eight teams entered including a "non-scoring" team consisting of Hilary and Gillian. The other 7 were genuine however, containing one novice and one OULSC member. After registration the teams changed and reconvened in the cafe for the judges briefing.

The judges and bodies set up the incident at 5pm whilst the teams went into isolation in the mens' changing room (which had a few more scantily clad men that was desirable). After a speedily set up incident the teams went through one by one in 2 heats to tackle it. The incident involved a bystander, one non-swimmer, a tango man and a non-breathing manikin.

Rescuing the non-swimmer

Then it was the 10m individual rope throw, which after a 1st very successful heat (with everyone getting it out) went a bit downhill. Peter's A led the field by a mile in this event by firstly getting both ropes out, and secondly doing it in 37s!

The final event was the swim and tow, which started with everyone in the water. OUWPC had an excellent swim (3:59), winning the first heat and several club members set PBs including James R (1:55), Gillian (2:15) and Hilary (1:49). The second heat was won by Peter's B, with the help of the speedy Alex, who helped his team make the overall fastest time of 3:49.


The competition finished about 6:45pm and then it was off to The Oxford Blue for tea and medals. Congratulations to everyone who came along and competed!


The photos
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