Hilary 2000


Dale's Fun Quiz - 0th Week

And what would be the answer to the answer man?

This term started with the usual trip to the White Horse to pit our wits against the mighty Dale Thomas' Fun Quiz. This time we didn't do so well as last term, winning nothing but having quite a good time of it none the less.

Laser Quest - 3rd Week

Some folks look for answers, others look for fights

In third week we went and picked a fight with each other at Laserquest. Cassie came up trumps in the first (individual) game with less points than she started the game with, Aimee destroyed the opposition and many a man's ego by coming first. We followed that game with a battle of the sexes, the men this time rescuing their fragile pride by beating the women with an unassailable margin of almost thirty points. Worryingly though Cassie chose this moment to shine, maybe she has an axe to grind against the men?

The shooting was followed by a drinking session at Brasenose and something else, but Alex has forgotten what.

Varsity Match - 5th Week

And all that could not sink or swim were just left there to float.

Our next excuse to let it all go came with our victory in the Varsity match. Starting the evening as we meant to go on we stopped off in a pub in Reading and overwhelmed their kitchen with twenty requests for food and only one cook. Thankfully for our stomachs everyone was fed and watered before we returned to Oxford. After changing into our party clobber we met up in Wadham, people had drinks and Alex ate a Mars Bar before setting off to a party in the Wig and Pen with the Swimming and Water Polo clubs.

Not a lot happened at this party, we saw some topless male swimmers (but then again we see that every monday anyway), drank a lot and adjourned to the St Cross annex for copious amounts of Gin, Wine and Whatever Else. We would like to note at this point that Nick's sister was a more accomplished drinker than Nick himself and that Ruth spent most of the night sleeping quietly to herself.

Some people went home, others had coffee with Jon in Merton, then Petra woke up the next day with a splitting headache.

Nationals - 6th Week

The shape it takes,
Could be yours to choose,
What you may win, what you may lose

A few of us went to the post-loughborough merry making. Chris distinguished himself by being the fastest pint drinker in the west, Alex remained as sober as a pint of milk and we didn't win the trophy for the boat races. We did bring a touch of warmth to the evening if only by working out how to light the outdoor heaters in the pub.

Some of us then walked over to the Loughborough union, others took a taxi, and eventually we were able to get in and have a nice time in the midst of oddly dressed people. Nick gets a prize for his persistence and everyone else deserves one for their services to gossip, exaggeration and general meddling ability. Ruth finished off the night by misplacing her wallet, then wanting to search through each and every bin in the building in an attempt to find it again. Luckily she remembered where she had left in once she woke up in the morning and we were able to reunite her with it.

AGM - 7th Week

Won't you try just a little bit harder?
Couldn't you try just that little more?

The time had now come for the annual meeting, dinner, dance and stagger home. Awards were given out by the President, sherry was drunk (again mostly by Jo), and chocolates were eaten and all before we had even started the meal!. Bar Med fed us well and plyed us expertly with the demon drink (some was even seen entering Alex). Some people danced to the sweaty rhythm, others swayed and some people spent the better part of the night avoiding certain other people.

In the traditional manner we then skipped over to the PT, put inappropriate music on the jukebox and gave the president the birthday present he always wanted. Some of us walked home, others walked to Cowley in high heeled boots and hurt their feet, everyone woke the next morning feeling somewhat groggy.


Alex would like to take this opportunity to apologise for making obscure references and promises that it will never happen again.