Hilary 2003 Social Reports


0th Week Social

Are they? Aren't they?

"So, when's the wedding?" "Before yours!"

Originally planned for Monday of 0th week, this was postponed to the Tuesday. Well, kinda, FSVO "postponed". It was planned for Monday, but no-one wanted to do it then, claiming either to not be back or not be available. Then, on Tuedsay at tea time (= time sensible people were trying to go get some tea), Annant called everyone, and suggested they might like to congregate at Pub Oxford around 9-9.30pm.

Nicola and friends got to Pub Oxford quite early on. Annant, Nikki and Kat got there around 9, and Nick made it along by about half 9 (just before Ragini left). Chris and Aimee had been abducted by aliens (3 foot high, green, and quite possibly responsible for the boiler explosion some months previously), so couldn't make it along. Greg, being social sec, clearly was bound by the gor'am law and unable to make it. So, usual crowd there then.

Not a huge amount happened. We sat around, drank beer (or similar), chatted about Christmas, ignored Nicola's friends (all her fault, honest...), and kept checking up on Annant and Nikki. Would they, or wouldn't they? Most people knew one was interested in the other, a few of us knew both were interested in each other. Hell, they'd even pulled before.

Around the time another set of Nicola's friends came along to be ignored, we had to reduce the number of chairs we were using (something to do with Kat letting them get stolen or similar). So, Nick went to find some more from the other side of the pub, while Annant offered his knee to Nikki, who accepted. "Oh yes" we all thought, and watched closely. Nothing more happened, so we stopped looking, and returned to our drinking.

But then! Yes! We'd looked back, and Annant's arm was round Nikki. Result! After a bit of nudging and winking, not to mention bars of gold bullion being passed around (to settle bets, but incidently they also make effective offensive weapons), everyone knew.
Well, everyone except Chris and Aimee, who found out on Monday, with a bit of supprise.

Now the only question that remains is: what to call them? We have Chrisaimee, we had Ruthon, but what for the clubs newest set of lovebirds? Your thoughts, as ever, to the club account. We await your repsonses with anticipation.

Nick, who will try to make the next report less random....

Birmingham Competition Social, Saturday 2nd Week

You can't write that on their T Shirt!
What's wierd about it?

John with his Guiness

With the competition over, we retired to Fat Paddy's Sports Bar. Since we were in the first heat, we got to go there quite soon, and so beat the queues :-) Following John's dismal rope throwing, he was bought a pint of Guiness, and forced to drink it (we were feeling nice, it'd originally been suggested he'd have to down it). We sat around, drunk beer, ate backed potatoes, and awaited the results.

When the results were over (took a little longer than normal, and a teenie weenie bit longer than most people would've liked....), Aimee, Chris and John headed on, and Nick and Kat collected their social T Shirts. Following the sucess last year, Birmingham had decided that everyone on the social would have a T shirt (different coloured for social leaders), and there's be a fair number of marker pens floating around. People could (and did, see the photos!) scrawl all over each other's tshirts. Initially this was (mostly) harmless, though as the evening progressed things did detiriorate somewhat. Some of the best included s/University/Poly/ (esp on the social sec's shirts), and blondie getting people to draw themselves on his shirt, primary school tea towel style!

A heavily written on T-Shirt

Eventually, the time came to move on from Fat Paddys, and meander towards the Guild. In a twist from the usual multi-legged theme, it was decided to pass a length of string through everyone's clothes. However, this quickly changed to just through tshirts, when it was realised how long it'd take to get it up and down tight fitting trouser legs... With everyone in their respective long lines, we departed. Part way along, the social leaders decided to try making us run. Unfortunately, the string wasn't up to the task, and had generally snapped repeatedly before the people at the back of the group realised the people at the front had begun running. Ah well.... nice idea, just needed stronger string.

On arrival at the union, there was some debate on where we should be going. The main club wasn't open, and nor it seemed was the bar we were supposed to have booked. As people milled about, and Birmingham types looked for someone to shout at, Nick demonstrated his excellent memory for the locations of bars. With a cry of "there's a bar upstairs, and it's open", the more sensible amongst us sprinted off, and got to the front of the bar. By the time downstairs was opened, we'd already got our drinks in :-)

Eventually tiring of being upstairs with few other lifesavers, we headed down into the basement, to the bar/club thingy we'd booked. The drinks were cheap, the music was wrong (wrong sort of music, we wanted cheese not a pre-mixed dance cd), but the pens were out in force, and we were getting quite drunk to boot ;-) Still, we couldn't find the DJ to moan at (even if he even existed), despite repeated searchings.

Chris and Kat

Around 1 drink after we'd arrived in the basement, it was time to head upstairs to the main club night, Fab. We headed over to the dance floor (then empty), began dancing, and started requesting the baywatch them (never came on), and generally making our presence there known. Shortly afterwards, "normal" people also ventured onto the dance floor. Oh, and we continued to drink lots.

From this point on until leaving, things become somewhat hazy. There were definately iced gems, and some jelly babies. Far less people were playing than normal. Kat bumped into one of her friends from home. Kat later pulled the Birmingham Ralph (of pulling Jo in Warwick last year fame. You know, the one with a girlfriend, who gave her the love bites And was very freaky afterwards? And yes, that was the competition which saw Nicola throwing up in a bin in a park the next morning....). Anyway, yes, Kat pulled that Ralph. And he has a girlfriend, naughty boy. But then, what else would we expect from Kat? In her defense, she did turn down his charming invitation to go back to his house....

Eventually, it became 2am, and it was time to head home. We eventually collected everyone, and trouped off for the main pedestrian gate out of the campus, into Selly Oaks.

Curry at 3am, nice!

Just outside the gate and onto the main road, we spied a curry house. "Curry!", we all cried, and rather than the usual Kebab we opted for something a bit spicier. Strangely, the curry house was quite happy to accept 60 drunken lifesavers at 2am, and we were ushered to our seats, given menus, and brought onion bargees.

Unfortunately, getting water or our meals took a tiny bit longer. Some of the other tables had ordered just starters, and got served first. Since our table had only ordered main courses, ours came last. In the mean time, we chatted randomly with people, and one of the Lufbra types destroyed his place mat.... eventually, around 3.30am, the currys arrived, and we tucked in. Impressivly, most people even managed to remember what they'd ordered! As the clock moved round towards 4, we finished, got a bill, and by some amazing fluke managed to get enough cash to cover it! Still in shock over the bill, we trapsed on to Alice's house (handily very nearby). The lounge was more than large enough for me, Kat and the two guys from Loughborough, so we unrolled sleeping bags in luxurious space, and lay down.

Several minutes later, we were awoken by the sound of the end of the world. Well, slightly more accurately, some of the loudest snoring we'd ever heard, coming from the resident rocket scientist lufbra type, who was slouched on the sofa. Eventually we got back to sleep, possibly around the time he moved onto the floor....

In the morning, we were woken up by the return of one of Alice's housemates coming into the lounge. She seemed to take finding 4 people passed out in there in her stride, and promptly went to make us all tea, bonus! Shortly after, Alice appeared, and we headed off to Tesco's to meet the others for a spot of breakfast. We arrived to find the staff looking very hagged, and they were not impressed when we ordered food. They looked even less impressed when we told them that only half of us where there! Queue a 30 minute wait for food, as bemused non lifesavers were told of the ever increasing wait time on food, and even more lifesavers arrived....
Eventually we had our food, and took a roundabout route home (Selly Oak -> Birmingham New Street -> Milton Keynes -> X5 to Oxford, fun...). Don't you just love Virgin Trains?

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Varsity Social, Saturday 3rd Week HT02

Walking to the pub

I'm going to the toilet. What do you want to drink? (Nicola)
Everybody look at my belly button. Its so sexy! (Nicola)
I eat chocolate like shit. (Greg)
I'm going to go over there and tell him you are the DJ! (Nikki to Greg)

After a very close and slightly random varsity competition, which Cambridge won (again) and our A team came last in, we were left feeling slightly confused. However, we decided to find a pub as quickly as possible. As it was only 4pm, we left our kit with Liz and Tab Chris, crossed a few fields and headed over to The Anchor.

Outside the Anchor

Nick demonstrated that being sober is no excuse for not trying to batter down a locked door. However, this actually seemed to work, as the staff eventually took pity on us and opened it for us! Although it was pretty cold outside, we stayed in the beer garden for a couple of hours while random Cambridge friends turned up and left. One group headed off to find a cash point - we ended up going via Trinity bar as a result of Tab Dan's directions. The others joined us in Oddbins, bought lots more booze and went to Curry Mahal for dinner.

Curry time

We managed to get a really good meal for a tenner but the waiters really didn't want to give us cutlery or a corkscrew so that we could actually start drinking again. Since Nic was wearing yet another one of her revealing tops, a competition was soon started up to throw virtually anything handy down her cleavage. Bottle tops, corks, knives etc. A few shots were suprisingly good, but we can't now remember who threw them... We were going to spend the rest of the evening in a hired room at The Graduate with swimmers and waterpolo players. The tab's blatantly lied to us when they told us it was round the corner....twenty minutes later.... (to be fair, this could be revenge for last year's varsity where we took them all over oxford, or maybe just our slow walking pace...). Will and Greg DJ

For once Greg behaved himself, didn't get into a fight with bouncers or barmen....what went wrong?! It might well be because DJ Doctor Greg found himself in demand and managed to get free entry. The pub quickly filled up, and after some sort of drunken conversation, Nikki decided to go round taking photos of everyone's belly buttons (as you do)! In the meantime Nic was getting very drunk....the rest of the report does kind of focus on her antics.

Nicola, Nick, Greg and a bottle

There are two schools of thought on this....Nic maintains that she went for a walk, knew exactly where she was and there was no need for anybody to worry. Yeah right! Lets concentrate on what actually happened! Nikki and Liz lose Nic in the toilets, and the bouncers (eventually) tell us she went out. After much panicing, we get she answers her phone, and tells Annant to tell him she's been walking for 20 mins and doesn't know where she is. Ragini then calls to say that Nic has decided to sit down (in a gutter somewhere) and isn't moving. Once we tell the tabs and realise that Nic has wandered off into the most dodgy part of Cambridge (that none of them, the bar staff or the bouncers know), various search parties are organised. She was eventually found fairly near the club and the rest of us made sure she wasn't able to disappear again by telling the bouncers not to let her out!

Liz passes out

At around 1am, everything sort of ended. Nick, Will and Will (Nick's mate from Portsmouth) crashed at Tab Chris's. Greg, Annant, Nikki and Nic went to Liz's for the night....just for the record, yes we did carry Nic there and put her to bed and she was being a pain throughout....its ok, she eventually passed out!

In the other group, Nick, Will, Will and Chris headed off into the depths of town in search of one of Cambridge's only 3 Kebab type eateries. Amazingly, Nick managed to bump into people he knew in the queue! After quite a long wait, they got their food, Will (pompi one) threw up a few times, and headed back to Chris's to kip.

In the morning, Liz was kind enough to wake us up with tea and give us a lift to the bus station. Both Nic and Nikki were feeling travel sick...Nic scared us by trying to get off outside Cambridge, at a shut Tescos without her purse. We eventually got back to Oxford around 12 and went home to crash. The others stayed in Cambridge for a bit longer, went out to lunch and got back in the evening.

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MedSoc Ball, Saturday 4th Week

People to do, things to see (Greg)
The caption to that should be    , the caption to that should be.... (Nicola)

Us, mad? Never!

A week before the MedSoc ball there were still plenty of tickets left, so Greg invited the Lifesaving club to come along, and a few of us took him up on the offer (but a different few actually turned up, most confusing...). The Ball was held in the town hall, had a band (quite good), a DJ (not as good as Greg), free drink (not enough beer), free G&D's ice cream, and a few other things. But, enough about the ball, let's get onto the interesting stuff, the people who were there!

Nick made it along about 8.15, and loitered outside the door with Greg, drinking beer and being harrased by people who occured in photos simply as "random". Deary me, if they won't come to lifesaving but will appear in our photos, then what do they expect? Not too long after that, the others (Nicola, Cat, Annant and Nikki, aka Antikki) arrived. However, the whole getting their tickets and storing their coats was seeming a bit much for them, so it was a while before they were properly settled....

Wine and Ice Cream

With everyone there, we all grabbed wine (beer had run out by this point) and ice cream (a variety of interesting flavours, including "MedSoc" and quickly running out "MedChoc"), and found a corner to loiter in. Nicola, who scant days earlier had declared she'd never drink again, took pains to point out she was only going to drink a tiny bit (yeah right....), and the obligatory mass group photos were taken. Oh, and Cat suceeded in breaking the camera when she tried to take a photo...

Nicola, Bar Staff Extrodinaire

As the evening progressed, we bumped into lots of Nikki's housemates (including Random, aka Ellie), as well as large numbers of the MedSoc committee, who were normally after Greg for one thing of another. During one of these Greg searchings, Nicola headed behind the bar to help out. We're still not sure that this was needed, or even helpful, but it was certainly commedy. Nicola did a fine job serving people, and didn't spill as much as we'd have expected her to.... It was quite ammusing to watch people keep mistaking her for MedSoc committee, including a few Medics who really should've know better! Another side effect was that we had an excuse for propping up the bar for a bit, which really didn't help our soberiety...

Nicola, Charming as Ever

At some point, Nicola tired of being bar staff, and headed off back into the party. Well, FSVO back to the party - she insisted in another round of group photos.... Conversation the drifted round to the events of the previous day - Valentines day. Antikki (or Annikki, as they seem to prefere) had done some sort of dinner thing, the details of which are lost in the haze of cheap red wine. Martin supprised us all by having cooked Nicola quite a nice meal, and actually having tidied up his kitchen first! Annant's sister apparently had had a very romantic meal (she rang up in the middle of the discussion). Cat had been having a militant lesbian streak, having declared her hatred of men, as well as having been bought chocolates by a (female) friend to cheer her up. She'd also been out drinking in the evening with another (female) friend, and was generally very anti men, but more of that later. Greg supprised us all, as with the actions of his next door neighbour. Apparently, she'd bought him chocolates and an expensive bottle of wine, so along with the actions of Wednesday night had very definately moved into Girlfriend teritory.

Nicola and Annant, in silly faces shocker!

Around this point, one of the Medics took quite a shine to Nicola. Well, several did, but one particually caught our attention. The quite ammusing thing was, Cat had declared him to be about the only one in the room worth pulling.... So, he'd spent lots of time trying to pull Nicola, who would eventually notice him, and disappear. He'd then dance with Cat for a bit, before spotting Nicola again and heading after her. Cat would then curse men for a bit, Nicola would persuade us to have another group photo, and the whole thing would begin again....

Ahh! It's Nicola with a sword!

Also wandering around was a bloke dressed as a Gladiator (or similar), who had a sword with him. Early on in the night we got a photo of him, but as wine got the better of her, Nicola tackled him and liberated his sword. In true drunken, happy smile, she challenged the bemused guy to a sword fight (with him using his sword casing as a second sword). However, before he could recover his sword from Nicola, Nikki charged in and stole the sword casing! The two Nic's dueled for a bit, before returning the swords so they could go and get some more drinks. Such dedication...

Nicola, Cat ang Greg

Eventually (and many more group photos), the evening drew to a close. Greg sloped off early, heading home to see his new girlfriend. Cat was still single and fuming, the random guy was still after Nicola not Cat, and An(t|n)ikki were once more being couply. Well, in those brief periods of time where Nicola wasn't dancing with one of them anyway! The DJ failed to play much good music all night (and the only good stuff came from a CD Nick had brought along for Greg), and with the wine having run out, we were only too happy to head along as soon as it ended. After much deliberation, Cat decided she could get Nicola home, so they bimbled eastwards supporting each other. Nick headed north in search of Kebabs, while An(t|n)ikki finally noticed it had ended and made their own way home, over taking the girls on the way, who were making their usual slow progres...

Oh, and finally, Nicola would like to point out that she wasn't drunk. She may have had a few drinks, but she was just tipsy, not drunk (and hence wasn't going back on her proclamation earlier in the week that she wouldn't drink ever again). In the interests of fair reporting (*cough cough*), we feel obliged to point you at the photos, and invite you to draw your own conclusions.

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Nottingham (Nationals) Social, Saturday 5th Week

Just how drunk was Stu?
Bristol had how many people sent to A&E?
Nottingham had how many people thrown out?
There were people sleeping where?!?

Tab Hedgehogs

Since we were in the first heat, we were some of the first out of the pool and ready to begin drinking. Unfortunately, a lack of cash meant most of our number had to head off in convey for the union. Quite impressivley, they got lost, had to ask directions, took speed bumps at high speed, and were beaten there by the minibus.... meanwhile, Nick and Will (who'd been sensible and brought cash) toddled up to the bar, got drinks, got a table, and settled down to watch the rugby.

Eventually, the cash searches returned, but unfortunately everyone else had begun queueing up for food by this point. Nick used a mixture of cunning and knowing lots of people to queue jump, but the others just waited and waited and waited.... really the sports bar should've had more than one person serving, and perhaps also more cooking facilities for the numbers... still, the wait made the food taste nicer, and we got a few pints in while waiting!

Bundle Chris!

While waiting for the results, Nick ended up tying the bow tie for one of the Warwick girls, who was dressed as a penguin, but hadn't realised how hard it is for the untrained to tie a bow tie.... Chris and Aimee dressde up in their Armadillo costumes, and Chris was mugged by a collection of people intent on popping his bubbles! We dime-bar'd up, and prepared to leave.

As with previous years, they tried to divide us into groups. However, knowing the score we ignored our allocations, and headed off in a group that took our fancy. Well, actually, it seemed to be three groups, since no-one else seemed to know who to go with either!


Disapointingly, there was a lack of snow (as in previous years), though it was quite cold. Will made good use of his scarf, while many of the girls (in short skirts or dresses) got a tiny bit chilly... still, we had various cheap bottles of spirits to drink. Unfortunately, Zeph and Jo and Catherine seemed quite good at stealing them, so they didn't make it round as many people as they should've!

The first bar was a bit of a trek, but had Reef's for 1.50, so was almost worth the walk. We were instructed to get two bottles, so we all opted for one Reef, having played these games before. After a quick game of "fast hands", the more experienced amongst us went and hid in the corner, while they newbies obediently went and stood in the middle and did strange things with baloons... Oh, and everyone scared London's Zeph by knowing she was their social rep. Not sure how, everyone just seemed to know. Nick and Zeph were equally scared by everyone knowing them, but they didn't seem to know many people. Ah, the perils of being old in lifesaving...

Aimee goes fishing

The second bar we went to was actually supposed to be the third, so we exited and carrief on to a different one. Here we spied a bucket on our way in, so the more wary bought pints and went to look on. The less wary bought their bottles as instructed, and then poured them into the bucket, along with a large number of magnetic plastic fish. With the game set up, two lines were formed, and it was a race to use a fishing rod in your mouth to collect a fish each. The colour of your fish determined what drink you had to buy and down. With that done, it was time to reform the lines, and take it in turns to try to drink up the bucket's contents through straws. Some of the judges seemed rather keen to get involved in this drinking, and kept pushing their way to the front to of the queue... Aimee, Chris and Kat all had a fair bit to drink, not to mention also having the colour coded bottles to drink as well.

Will shows off his stylish headwear

With scant time to drink up, we pushed onto the third bar (the second one we'd visited, you know, the one we weren't supposed to be in then and left). The walk was quite short, but time was still found to drink some more from the floating bottles of spirits, as well as to play the liquorice straw game in the quad of one of the buildings. On arrival in bar #3, we found a large number of medics in lab coats, bringing back memory of last weekend. Paying no attention what so ever to the social reps, we got our own drinks, went and found compfy seats, and proceeded to drink suprisingly fast. At some point Nottingham did wander over, but since we'd almost finished, their enforced game of "Fast Hands" hardly did anything.... On the way out, we met some Lufbra types (from the group that was going around with ours) who'd half inched the bucket from the previous bar....

By this point, we were all quite pissed, and time was getting on, so we all headed off to the Ark (the students union bar). Owing to the size of the campus, this was quite a trek. Luckily, we still had more of the spirits left, so they kept those people warm who could stomach drinking them! During a debate on what to do with the not quite empty bottles, we discovered that Zeph could easily hide on in her cleavage... In the end, Lufbra won, so they were drunk, and Zeph didn't need to use underhand means to get the bottles into the Union. Southampton Elephants

Eventually, we appeared at the Union, and meandered in side. Some people had to show tickets, but most didn't, quite bizare. We headed over to the bar, and were a bit confused initially. It seemed they opperated some sort of market system for drinks prices. As a drink became popular, its price went up, as no-one ordered it, the prices went down. As we were queueing, a "market crash" happened, which meant the prices dropped off. Nick quickly upgraded his round to cover everyone at the bargin prices, and walked off with 4 pints of snakebite black for the princely sum of 4 squids, nice :)

Chris gets pulled

As we stood around, slowly drinking our pints of alcoholic nastness, the other groups came in, and the place quickly filled up. Didn't seem very big, but was more than good enough for our purposes. Cambridge wandered by, and had somehow lost all of their pegs. All 200 of them! Quite how and where they weren't sure, but some serious theiving had happened.... They then noticed Chris, and had another go at popping all his bubbles, catching most of the remaining ones. Then Southampton (elephants) joined us. Some (eg Baz) had made only limited efforts. Some (eg Stu) had really gone to town, with massive elephant masks. Quite scarily, the mask seemed to really suit Stu!

Beyond this point, things become really quite hazy. We finished off our pints of snakeite black, and shortly after got another round involving bottles. Will was caught buying an alcoholic drink! (it was a pint). We then got yet another round (bought by Kat, of whatever bottle the market priced lowest at the time). Cambridge went and hid in the corner. People mumbled things about ambulances (details later). People mumbled things about people (esp. Nottingham!) getting thrown out of the club. We did a bit of dancing, and a lot of sitting around, feeling drunk and tired. Brandy seemed to cost £9.99, then shortly after the screens went off....

Dime, bar?

Sometime around 1am, Nottingham types were wandering round mumbling things about going on. Luckily, Nick had kept hold of the map showing where we were staying, so we decided to head on. Almost everyone else joined us, and shortly afterwards the club emptied as the Lifesavers began their long walk home. (Cambridge, who were staying on campus with an old member, stayed in their corner being insular. They were miffed as to why the place suddenly emptied...).

Anyone for a kebab?

En-route, we passed a kebab and pizza shop, and those not about to throw up bundled inside to order food. So, that'll be Nick and Kat then, with Chris and Aimee having not been up for food, and Will having Disapeared. Wow, that was a long queue... shortly after entering, they turned off some of the lights, stopped answering the phone, and frantically cooked lots of food. Before we'd even made it to order, they were out of kebabs! After a fair wait in the crowded place, we ordered our chips 'n' cheese, and waited some more. Eventually, after they'd grown the potatoes before cooking them..., we got our food, and were some of the last out of the place. Unfortunately, someone had run off with our map while we were in the kebab shop. Luckily, Nottingham types were still to be found, and we headed on to the hall.

On arrival at the hall, we amazingly were able to find our stuff. Finding some floor space was that bit trickier, as we were some of the last to arrive. The first room was completely full, but we found some space in the second one. Stu had passed out in the coridoor! In the opressive heat of the second room, with no mats (early arrivers had exercise mats to sleep on), we passed out.

Stu, passed out in the hall

In the morning, Chris and Aimee were woken up by the sound of someone next to them vomiting.... nice! They came in to find Kat and Nick, and woke them up by kicking them... Eventually, Will was also located, and we all packed our stuff up. Out initial plan was to walk back to campus to collect the car (30-45 minute walk). Then blondie offered to give us a lift there in the minibus. Then there wasn't space for all of us, so Aimee and Chris went to get the car, and we waited around. Just before they got back, Simon woke up and called us, pulled out the map we'd cleverly given him earlier, and strated to drive over. Aimee then returned, collected Will, and headed off to MaccyD's. Eventually, Simon rang to say he was where he thought the hall was, but couldn't find it. A quick road name check later and he headed off for another try.

As we waited around, everyone else collected themselves up, found buckets for their more ill members, and headed home. We found out more about ambulances... Apparently, three people from Bristol had gone to hospital, one kept in over night. The one who'd stayed over was allergic to alcohol, but hadn't told anyone this. Under pressure from their unknowning mates, they'd joined in the drinking games! The other two just played all the games, and got a little too trollied...

Eventually, Simon got quite close to us, and with help from the handy Nottingham types who waited with us, he finally made it. We piled in, and sped off to MaccyD's for some much needed food. We briefly met Chris and Aimee, gave them the directions for the quick route home (M1 / A43), and they headed off. After a lesurely breakfast, we too departed, following Nick's directions to the M1. Somewhere on the A43, we amazingly caught up with Aimee, and stayed level with her for the rest of the way home. Apparently, they'd let Chris naviagete (why why why?), had got on the M1 way north of Nottingham, and tried to leave the M1 a junction too early.... Ahh well, at least it's trains to get to Southampton!

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Southampton Competition Social, Saturday 6th Week

"I play with Chris" - Cambridge Liz
"I was the first person he had" - Liz, speaking about Chris

Annant is writing this report, and should be online in a day or two, as soon as he stops being quite so ill :-(

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AGM and Dinner, Tuesday 7th Week

"There's been a bit of a problem" - Greg
"Please be there or I'll look incompetent. Yet again" - Greg

In true Greg style, this was a "seat of your pants" type event, with everything happening last minute. Below follows a suitably Greg bashing report.

The Roy Aulty Memorial Sherry

Nick had offered Magdalen formal hall on a Wednesday, but that'd been turned down. Another plan had been to go to the Chang Mi on the high street, but that was trumped by Greg's offer of attending St Anne's twice termly formal hall, on the apparently more convenient Tuesday.

However, by the time this shift from Wednesday to Tuesday was announced, it was getting quite close to the event, so we couldn't get any of our old members along. Greg sent out several emails asking people to send him the money for dinner so he could sign them up, as he was broke. People slowly sent them in, and it looked like their ought to be quite a few of us there for the dinner.

Annant valiently drew up the agenda for the AGM, despite being ill. Nick made the certificates to go with the awards to be issued. Greg supposedly had booked a room for the meeting in St Annes, and signed us all up for hall. How foolish of us to trust him....

On the day, a few of us had prior warning that Greg had stuffed things up, but these came with promises that he'd sort things out, so we trusted him once more, and hoped for the best.

We sit around waiting for Greg

At around 6pm, we all congregated on St Annes lodge. Those of us who were going for dinner (Nick, Nicola, Kat and Hilary) were in black tie. Those who couldn't for whatever reason (illness, tutorials etc) weren't. Quite worryingly, Greg wasn't in black tie. Once we were all there, Greg admitted that he'd been too late signing us up, so we couldn't go to dinner. In an attempt to sort this out, he'd been to shout at the domestic bursary, which had failed, but which had also meant we didn't have a room booked for the AGM!

We trouped around St Annes looking for a free room, but most of the usual suspects were (unsuprisingly) in use. Eventually, we settled on using Greg's kitchen, scene of the Christmas Dinner.

The AGM went largely without incident, and the minutes ought to be online quite soon. Afterwards, most people headed on home, leaving only those without dinner, and Greg. It turned out that Greg now had a tutorial scheduled for just after the meeting, so he'd have to be heading off pretty shorlty. After some debate, we settled on the idea of sitting in Greg's kitchen drinking the sherry that was left over. After that, we'd head to Nick's house to drink wine and await Greg. Once he'd finished his tute, we'd get take away curry, and eat it in Nick's house. With that, Greg headed off to the tute, and the others sat around (in black tie) polishing off the wine.

Partying chez Nick, in black tie

On getting to Nick's house, much wine was put in the fridge, and the drinking really began in earnest. Since Nick has cable TV and none of the others do, this proved to be quite a novelty, and it was immediately switched on, and consumed much of people's attention.

Several bottles of wine and many episodes of friends later, Greg was overdue returning from his tute, so we called him. He claimed that he'd only just left the tute and was just getting changed, but Liz's voice in the background left us suspicious. Still, we managed to coax an order out of him, which was the main thing we were after. Once we'd got Kat to pick a meal (never an easy task...), we rang up the $random curry house for which we'd found a menu, and ordered.

Another episode of friends later, Nick headed off to get the currys, and there was still no sign of Greg. Several trips up and down Walton Street later, Nick eventually found the curry house we'd ordered from (having found many many others in the process, who knew Walton Street had that many curry houses?). On his return to the house, Greg was still absent...

Part way through the meal, Greg finally decided to appear. The meals were eaten, more wine was drunk, much more TV was watched, and no-one can quite remember what happened. One thing that did become clear was that Hilary hadn't seen Monty Python's Life of Brian, unlike everyone else. Because of this, when the others left (buses to catch and things), she stayed behind to watch the film with Nick. You can probably guess the rest...

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Nikki's 20th Party, Saturday 7th Week

"Since when has George Elliot Been A Woman?" - Nicola
"Greg's going to be doing what afterwards?" - Everyone

Annant has agreed to write this report as soon as he's recovered from his current ailments.

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Supposed Joint Social With Pentathlon, Wednesday 8th Week

"Please be there or I'll look incompetent. Yet again" - Greg

The plan had been to have a really big 8th week social with Modern Pentathlon. We'd picked a bar (Jesus), picked a night with good clubbing choices (Wednesday) and planned some drinking games. All we needed was people to turn up.

Unfortunately, the night also clashed with the St Hilda's guest night dinner, so we were always going to be short a few people until clubbing time. Never mind, we still managed to select a group of about 5 hardened drinkers to hold the fort until the others came to join us. Hell, we even had someone from Jesus going...

Then, disaster struck. Pentathlon wimped out!

Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 16:40:46 -0000
From: Rich Bowdler
Subject: Social for Modern Pent and Lifesavers

Unfortunately, due to lack of availability of all but two people, OUMPA
will not be turning up tonight!

I am very sorry to have to let you down.

Then, in typical style, half the lifesavers then pulled out, citing things like "Essays", "Disertation" and "Illness". So, the hardened few of us left arranged to meet at the Bridge for Code Red, and skip Jesus. Unfortunately, it now seems that Greg neglected to circulate this plan widely enough, and some people still went to Jesus.... whoops! Sorry Guys, Greg now owes you several drinks....

In the end, Nick made it to the Bridge about half 9, meandered in with no queue, and sat around with one of his housemates. Most of those at the Hilda's dinner decided to be lightweights and head home, but a few did turn up. Unfortunately, they were too late to make the guest list, so didn't get in until about half 10.... Eventually, Nicola, Cat, Ragini and a few of their friends made it along.

Not a great deal happened in the Club. There's a romour that some of Nicola's friends may have managed to pull. People kept pouring drinks all over Nicola, who rarely seemed to notice! Oh, and Ragini seemed to know almost everyone in the club.

And that's about it. Hopefully the 9th and 10th week socials will prove to be a bit livelier in respects other than unfortunate pulls.....


9th Week North Oxford Social

You got there when? You didn't expect us to be on time, did you?

No-one can seem to summon the enthusiasm to write a report for this social. As a compromise, below is an overview of the events.

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10th Week North Oxford Social

So, just who is coming?
Odds on Greg not turning up?

Following the sucess of the 9th week social, and the fact that most of us left in Oxford are based in the North, we opted to have a second North Oxford social. Since meeting at 6 is a bit troublesome for most of us, we opted to meet at 6.30 at the Radcliffe Arms for a spot of food. The plan was then to go to the Bookbinders Arms (round the corner) to listen to live Jazz, followed by a trip to G&Ds, and finally trek off to Park End for the Brookes night there.

Greg and Liz disapeared off to London on the Saturday, and by Monday afternoon had still not made it back to Oxford. John was busy, Simon was working, Chris and Aimee have fallen off the face of the earth, and almost everyone else has gone home. Hilary couldn't come along until about 8, which only left Nick.

So, in true style, Nick skipped the first bit of the social (opting to save money by cooking his own dinner). Just as he was about to go to the Bookbinders, Greg and Liz finally appeared (having remembered where Oxford was, or something). They muttered things about hangovers and seeing more things, and started trying to cook some dinner. At the point, Hilary appeared.

Fearing yet another social would develop in his house, Nick quickly headed round to the Bookbinders with Hilary, as Greg and Liz promised they'd be along "shortly".

Nick and Hilary enjoyed the Jazz, drunk a fair bit, chatted to the landlord, the usual stuff. Greg and Liz never made it to the Bookbinders, and no-one went to Park End. Oh well....