Hilary 2004


1st Week Pub Trip

Lifesavers in the Bookbinders

Nick, Hilary, Kat, Nikki, Jo

With pesky collections and such like out of the way, we decided to meet up for a few drinks. The bookbinders was selected, and quite a few people managed to make it.

Not a lot happened, we mostly just planned the next week's social, drunk beer and discussed job searches. Oh, and ate lots of monkey nuts!

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2nd Week Chinese Meal

Nick, Hilary, Kat, Nikki, Jo, Emily, Chris, Alex, Sophie, Greg

The plan had been to go for cocktails in the Duke Of Cambridge, then a meal in nearby Wok 23, sample a few pubs on the way into town, and finally go clubbing. Sounded simple enough a plan that we might actually be able to achieve it. In unusual style, most people even said they'd be coming in enough time to book a table...

Then, it snowed. Lots and lots. Nick nearly got stuck at work, no-one could get their bikes unlocked, and the buses were all stuck in traffic. Perfect weather for getting to a social...

In the end, the DoC plan went out of the window, so everyone just tried to get to Wok 23, by any means available. Lots of people walked / trudged / slipped their way there, but everyone made it in the end. The meal was nice (though we ordered too much rice...), and afterwards we headed up the road to meet Greg in the Royal Oak.

Eventually, we managed to persuade Greg to walk the 100m to join us, and everyone was in attendance. Alas, we then failed to move from the pub, so no-one went clubing (probably best, given the amount of ice about...). Instead, we slipped and slided our ways home.


2004 AGM and dinner

Lifesavers in Univ Formal Hall

Hilary, Jo, Nick, Lisi, Chris, Esther, Greg, Kat, Simon, Nikki, Ant

Friday 6th February 2004, University College

This year Hilary and Jo took in hand organising the AGM after Gregs 2003 fiasco and decided to have it at Univ followed by formal hall.

Hilary and Nikki drew up the agenda and tried in vain to get any nominations for the clubs awards, Nikki also finally typed up the minutes from last year's AGM so we could agree on them!

Hilary and Jo turned up early to sort out the room and eventually found the light switch after nearly falling down a flight of stairs in heels, in the dark!

At around 6pm (some of the usual suspects were late!) we all met in Univ lodge except for Lisi who spied us from her window and came down when she knew she wouldn't be the only one! Everyone was in black tie which made a nice change from last year. Simon missed the meeting though as he's only found out at 5pm that he had a ticket.

Lifesavers in Univ Bar We made a start on the sherry as soon as the meeting started drinking out of classy plastic cups that Nick had brought. Nikki had to take the minutes of yet another AGM due to the lack of secretary for next year and our attempts to press gang Lisi into doing it seemed to fail - damn! Minutes are here.

At 7pm Jo ushered us all into Univ Hall for dinner which was very nice, we then retreated into Univ bar after stopping off at the "Queens loo" and were all amazed at how cheap the drinks were. Nikki managed to win then lose money in the millionaire machine (damn those football questions!) and we did the awards, Greg taking home a record three (who are we going to give them to next year??). Chris and Aimee showed up later just as Simon left and we all started to drift off about midnight.

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Varsity Lifesaving Social

Alex, with a pint

After sending the cambrige drivers and oxford cyclists off, the rest of us walked down to the Moonlight Tandoori on Cowley Road. The walk was interrupted with stops at cash machines and Cambridge gawping an RTA between a boy racer and a woman whose car he piled into the back of!

We lost a few to Valentines couply things (Sian + boyfriend, Rowan, Greg, Simon and Catherine) but 26 of us piled in (much to some of the other customers distress) to the restaurant after a bit of a wait outside. Eventually the drivers joined us, and after food and beer, Esthers toasts (the Queen, the Queen of lifesaving Pamela Anderson and er, Esther!) and some bill negotiating, we set off on the No. 10 bus into town for the PT (16 singles to town please!).

We lost some more couples at this point (Sarah & boyfriend, Nikki & Ant, Sian decided on the Zodiac instead), but all our lovely union members managed to sign us in. Full marks to Chris Bull who's not a member for turning up late but still managing to blag his way in!

Alex, this time with ribena After getting few drinks in Hilary remembered that Alex was still to drink his pint of memorial Ribena for winning the Alex Gough award at the AGM, so duly bought him one and made him down it (that'll teach you!) Alex could later be seen looking a bit queasy. Unfortunately as Greg had sloped off we couldn't force him to down his Chris Bray muppet pint (for the 3rd year running!)

There was some discussion about the lack of valentines cards received by Chris, Alex and Kat but they came to the conclusion that they had been victims of valentines card thieves rather than anything else.

Nick then appeared armed with shots of aftershock which Kat claims was very good cold remedy (we'll take your word for it Kat!) Jo was lamenting always bumping into her ex boyfriend at the PT and was the proud owner of quote of the evening: "I can't pull him, I know his name!" Oxford in the PT

Most of the tabs could be found on the dancefloor and all the old people from Oxford, (Chris & Aimee, Hilary & Nick) went home first. Some of the cambridge lot could be heard stumbling into houses all over oxford (Esthers, Kats and Hilarys) in the early hours of the morning.

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