Hilary 2005


Emily's House Party

Friday 21st January

Emily, Hilary, Sophie B, Lisi, Jo, Nick, Chris, Alex L & Will

We all appeared at various times with Jo coming along last, after Waterpolo training, with the best costume award definitely going to Emily's fairy effort.

Hilary & Jo

Emily dressed as Fairy
There was lots of drinking of fairly cheap wine and discussing of the map of the world trying to find a honeymoon destination for Hilary & Nick. The more virtuous among us also announced what we were planning on giving up for Lent this year.

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Dancing Social

Sunday 6th February

Nick, Sophie B, Emily, Verdeep, Gillian, James, Jo, Hilary, Will and Katie

By popular demand the club returned to the OU Dancesport Beginners' Ballroom Class for another social. However, only half of the group actually showed up for the session at St.Hugh's - Nick, Gillian, Sophie, Emily, James and Verdeep - which started at 7pm. We attempted a basic Rumba (a sexy, latin fertility-ritual dance) and those Lifesavers more experienced at dancing were able to help us incompetent people! Whilst James, Verdeep and Emily received compliments from the instructor [Bruce] for their poise and footwork, Gillian got tutted at for being unable to do a spot-turn without an ungainly wobble. Counting to 4 was also an issue for some of us! It was great fun though, particularly the New Yorkers, and there was lots of ass-shaking too - especially by Emily!

James and Emily fanning

After some photographs in the Fan Position, we meandered down to "Bagicha Bangladeshi Cuisine" on North Parade Avenue in which we enjoyed a good-value banquet meal in the restaurant's dungeon function room. The dancers were joined there by Will, Katie, Hilary and Jo, who had various good excuses for skiving the Rumba. The food was nice and there was something for everyone, although people (Emily mainly) kept forgetting what they had ordered, which did confuse things a little. We talked about anything & everything and the girls tried, in vain, to persuade the lads that the "Glitter" theme for the upcoming Varsity Social applied to them too!

Banqueting on North Parade

And the wooden spoon goes to Simon....who reneged on a bet made with Verdeep and didn't show up!

Quotes....James: "Do sequins count as glitter?"

Nick: "No, Gillian we change hands at the bottom of the arc...no, at the bottom...no, we have to change hands...(sigh!) let's start again!"

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Varsity Social

Saturday 12th February, Cambridge

Hilary, Jo, Emily, Alex L, Will, Gillian, Katie, Lisi plus Nick, Simon and CULSC

The competition finished before 5pm so the girls had plenty of time to make themselves glittery before heading off to the pub. Despite Nick's complaints that we were "wasting valuable pub time" and some confusion over who had purchased Social tickets, we left the swimming pool eventually. Patrick from Cambridge then lead us (via a 'shortcut' which looked suspiciously like soggy marshland) to "The Granta", a pleasant pub on the riverside. Sometime later the rest of the Cambridge club arrived and the Captain (Adil) presented the birthday girls [Hilary & Gillian] with chocolates. At this point Nick got his hand-made birthday cakes out and we subjected the rest of the pub to an appalling rendition of "Happy Birthday to you...".

The birthday girls in the pub

After that we decided to leave pretty quickly for fear of repercussions, and so moved on to "The Slug & Lettuce" for some cheap and cheerful pub food. We had to play 'musical tables' to fit both the Life-Saving clubs plus a few random hangers-on, who showed up from Cambridge, onto the long table which had been reserved and lucky Will ended up surrounded by the Tabs. But Jo avoided this fate by arriving a little later, bringing good news of the women's waterpolo victory. The food was good (especially Nick's champagne) and it was great to be able to choose something edible instead of the usual competition fayre, particularly for those of us who had given up certain foodstuffs for Lent! During dinner presents were given to the 3 judges (Nick, Simon and Chris) and the boxes of sweets which were passed around all disappeared when they reached Dinner in The Slug and Lettuce Emily and Alex! After a 'Boat Race' which was won by the far side of the table and some complicated calculations for the bill, we trudged off to Queens' College for a *Glitter* themed bop at about 10pm.

Oxford chose to have their first drink in the more civilised College bar (where glass containers were actually permitted!) and then joined Cambridge for some dancing next door. The music was really funky 60s-70s cheese and even the lads were photographed strutting their stuff. Nick excelled even his own expectations by scoring on the dance floor Emily struts her stuff with a very strange guy from Cambridge, who had previously tried a sort of mating-ritual display in front of an unimpressed Katie. Jo and Emily also found themselves sandwiched between 2 male Tabs with a Hawaiian Lei at one point, but managed to escape to the cheap bar soon afterwards for a recovery drink!

We left at midnight (yes Alex...just like Cinderella!) and Will heroically drove us back to Oxford in the wee small hours listening to Alex's er...eclectic compilation tape. A really enjoyable and civilised social with the lovely Cambridge Club - even if it was in Tabland!

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The Oxford Imps Comedy Night

Monday 7th March, The Wheatsheaf

Hilary, Jo, Nick, Emily, Chris, Kat and Gillian

On Emily's behest we decided to try the Improv night at The Wheatsheaf, which turned out to be very funny and cheap at only 2 entrance fee! Gillian, who'd been having dinner at Merton, arrived last of all - after getting thoroughly confused over Hilary's directions. The seedy upstairs room of The Wheatsheaf pub was hot and packed, so we had to stand but it was definitely worth it. The comedy was quite derivative of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" but parochial too. After a large proportion of people left during the interval (thinking that it was the end of the show) we gained a bit more room but lost Jo who decided to head home at this point. The second half of the show was just as enjoyable as the first, and when we left everyone agreed that the club should return to the Wheatsheaf on another Monday during TT. We went our separate ways after the show finished, but Nick, Hilary and Gillian couldn't resist one more drink before cycling home.