Michaelmas 2003


Christmas Dinner, Wednesday 8th week

Greg, Liz, Simon, Nick, Hilary, Jo, Chris, Nikki, Annant, Lisi, Kat Those at the meal

This year Christmas dinner was organised by Greg, and instead of being in his student kitchen he mananged to wangle (through Liz) use of the MCR kitchen and upstairs room for the event.

Nick and Greg accompanied by Hilary in a supervisory capacity went to Sainsbury's the day before and left the food with Greg and Liz (who did well in only munching the one mince pie). Then on wednesday after breaking in to the MCR kitchen as it was locked, Hilary and Greg started the cooking around 5pm. "Oh yes the kitchen is fully equipped", Greg had promised the day before, but on arrival there appeared to be only one baking tray and no knives or bowls in the kitchen (there were about 100 wine glasses though). Shortly afterwards Annant showed up and took charge sending Greg and Liz off to their kitchen to retrieve the various articles we required (they usually took quite a while to return...). Then Jo and Nikki appeared and helped us with the cooking. Our valiant attempt to burn every member of the committee (both Ant and Nikki managed it) was foiled when Greg showed up with a teatowel (no oven gloves of course!). The top of the oven which was originally white was now completely black but we thought it suited the decor better anyway.

Hilary and Jo did the domestic goddess thing and set the table upstairs in the MCR whilst everyone else started to drift in for mulled wine and mince pies. Nick and Simon (who are old and have to go to work these days) showed up last, armed with precious bowls so we were then actually able to serve the soup (which we had to microwave in its containers due to lack of available saucepans). We managed to lose Liz and Greg at this point so we sat down to the starter without them (they turned up eventually armed with Greg's laptop and his cheesy christmas music). Then, after serving up the main course, Kat announced she was coming late so after a panic and some swift re-distribution later we had enough food for everyone. Nick wouldn't let us serve gravy in a coffee percolator jug (it's sacrilege apparenlty) so we had to do a couple of runs.

Those at the meal

After dinner everyone sat around drinking whilst Simon and Hilary washed up and prepared the christmas puddding and the port.

Then we decided to play drunken Simpson's Monopoly (with hotels being monorail stops and dollars etc.) with all the club couples teaming up. This caused a few rather comedy domestics as the men of the club tried exert their (questionable) authority and refused to let their various girlfriends make any executive decisions or roll the dice etc..Kat got a bit confused at the start but did much better once she starting spotting the people on her properties and charging them rent "who owns such and such you need to collect rent?" (dice rolled by next player) "oh no hang on I own it can we do that again!" Dark horse Lisi managed to triumph in the end by buying half the board!

After getting our assess kicked, all the old people who had to work the next morning called it a day and we all went home except Jo, who went to Park End.

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