Michaelmas 2004


College Bar Crawl

Wednesday 20th October, 8pm

Emily, Simon, Katie, Sophie B, Lisi, Jo, Hilary, Nick, Esther, Chris, Alex L, Gillian & Will

The Lads

We started in Univ bar where Jo introduced us to the new OULSC mascot - an austrailian kangaroo. It's red and yellow so we'll have to get it some Dark Blue kit to match the flag. There were a few latecomers, Hilary and Nick (at yoga) and Esther (rowing training) and when they arrived we all moved onto Magdalen bar. We opted to pass on the pub quiz and sit in the games room with it's lovely checked tablecloths (so reminscent of cheesy Italian restaurants).

Then we moved on to New College with Katie, unfortunatley it decided to tip it down with rain at this point so we all got soaked. We wasted some money in the music quiz machine and queued up a spiral staircase for the toliet and then Katie got to be smug about only have 2 feet to walk to her room whilst the rest of us had to trudge home in the rain. Lots of people but only one fresher :( shame it was the freshers' social really!

Warwick Competition Social

Hilary, Jo, James, Will and Chris

Hilary and Jo, dressed as Buffy

We all stayed for the food after the competition which was the usual competition fayre with additional hummous provided by Jo. After that Emily, Alex and Gillian sloped off on the train and Nick blagged a lift with Southampton.

The Oxford lads had decided to pass on dressing up as vampires but Hilary and Jo had a valliant attempt at dressing as Buffy. The social started with the "organised fun" of drinking games. Hilary and Jo sat out whilst the boys did their best to sabbotage the games they joined in by making up lots of extra complicated rules and stealing the Haribo!

About 10pm we moved on the Warwick union and after a short debate with the dorman managed to gain entry. After stocking up on drinks and wasting money in the Millionaire machine we realised that we had lost the rest of the lifesavers. Unfortunately the rest of Warwick uni were in haloween dress too so it was slightly difficult to recognise anyone. It transpired that they had all gone up to The Lads Zippy's bar (on the top floor), the cheesy music and general drunkeness were instantly recognisable as a lifesaving social.

We lost Chris for a short while during the social who had gone to do a spot of real life lifesaving on a Southampton lifesaver who had falled down some stairs. When he returned there was a bit of polo mint passing and as usual we ended up in the corner with Cambridge for the rest of the night. About 2pm we got the bus back to Leamington with SJ from Warwick (via the chip shop).

Dancing Social

Sunday 7th November, 7pm

Emily, Gillian, Nick, Hilary, Max, Alex R, Alex L, Simon, Lisi, Jo

Simon and Gillian

We went to the OU Dancesport Beginners Ballroom class at St Hugh's which started at 7pm and tried a very basic Quickstep. Luckily for the novices the pace of learning was snail-ish so most of them managed to make it up the hall (but perhaps not back down Alex?).

There was a good turnout from the men of the club - the promise of getting close to women probably being the reason! Unfortunately for Simon there weren't quite enough "babes" to go around but it hasn't stopped him signing up for more lessons! After the quickstep we moved on to do some Latin dancing and did a cha-cha-cha which was a bit easier. Simon also managed to ditch his partner to dance with Gillian.

Alex, Lisi and Simon

After the dancing, Max disappeared and Alex L (who'd been at a baptism) and Jo (who'd been playing Waterpolo) joined us in Jamal's for dinner (via the Grog shop).

Quotes: Dancing is like having sex standing up! - Emily
Going to a comprehensive school seriously damages your marriage potential! - Nick


Chinese all-you-can-eat Social

Wednesday 24th November, 8.30pm at Eamayl's

Hilary, Nick, Emily, Simon, Gillian, Alex L, Will, Lisi, James

Alex eats an impressive amount of dessert

Because of Hilary & Nick and their damn yoga class, we were all starving by 8.30pm when we met outside the restaurant on Park End Street. Thankfully we managed to get a nice round table which fitted our number perfectly and then let the lads loose on the all you can eat buffet. The food was pretty standard chinese buffet style, but the soups and the noodles were particularly tasty. Simon, Will and James seemed to munch their way through the most food, but Alex made an impressive stab at eating his own weight in desserts [cake, jelly, ice-cream and even fruit].

After a quick, and light-hearted, round of "what's your excuse for not showing up to early morning swimming?", the team from the Aberdeen competition regailed the other club members with tales from Scotland; James told us about the wedding he went to on the weekend; and Emily described the lovely fashion on display at her recent dancing competition. Inevitably, the Everyone conversation turned to lard and the sophisticated tone of the evening raidly went down hill! We managed eventually to drag Simon away from the food, but I'm sure Emily was shovelling Rice Crispie cakes into her handbag when no-one was looking. After a complicated calculation of the tip (Hilary was having a blonde moment) we coughed up the cash and rolled out.

A very relaxed social which allowed everyone to catch up on the gossip and eat Neapolitan ice-cream - what more could you want?


Christmas Dinner

Wednesday 1st December, 7.30pm at University College

Hilary, Nick, Simon, Jo, Gillian, James, Emily, Sophie B, Chris, Alex L, Alex G, Jon, Lisi, Kat

This year the club Christmas Dinner was a distinctly up-market affair: a black-tie dinner in Univ SCR. And very nice too. Thanks to Jo's negotiations, we got a lovely 3-course meal plus pre-dinner drinks, wine and coffee for a mere 25 which was definitely worth it. We gathered in Univ lodge to admire the girls' dresses and marvel at how smart and handsome the gentlemen looked. During pre-dinner sherry the Club Christmas Cards for the President, Captain and Coaches were presented by Gillian and the latecomers arrived (Lisi and Kat who were having dress-related crises) but sadly Alex R couldn't make it.


Then we moved onto the SCR where after Gillian's latin grace, we were served Parsnip & Parmesan Soup, Turkey & trimmings and Christmas Pudding, with 3 accompanying wines. The food was lovely, and the conversation terribly sophisticated at the blonde end of the table, but distinctly geeky at the other end! The speeches were thankfully short: thankyous from Hilary to Jo for organising the dinner and from Jo to the Univ. tutor for putting up with us.

Alex, Chris, James and Simon

Finally, Hilary instituted and presented the mini-trophy for "Best Attendance" at club fitness sessions to Gillian, the only other person besides the President herself to show up to all of the Wednesday morning swimming sessions! After that we moved on to coffee in an adjacent room and photos were taken to prove that Life Savers are capable of looking presentable on occasion!

Then we moved on to Univ. bar where the old members generously supplied the club girls (and James) with plenty of wine, and we continued chuntering on until Emily herded all those able and willing to Park End. A very pleasant and sophisticated evening, even though Chris couldn't restrain himself from smashing the glassware!