Michaelmas 2005


Freshers' Social

Tuesday 18th Oct

Gillian, Hilary, Nick, Simon, Katie, Chris, Alex, Rachel L, Rachel R, David, Esther, Emily and Elizabeth

It always rains on the OULSC freshers' social...and this year was no exception. However the party spirit was not dampened as Simon had meticulously organised a fab social. The theme was 'Cartoon characters' so we met in the Duke of Cambridge at 7.45pm resplendent in fancy dress for some cheap cocktails.

Alex L excelled himself coming as "Bob the Builder" complete with plunger(!) and Rachel L with her fairy wings. Other costumes included the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lisa Simpson, Dilbert and Scooby-Doo characters. Cries of "you're rubbish" greeted those who didn't come in cartoon dress (including Gillian)!

Anyway our marvellous social sec had planned a 'mystery pub-crawl' which involved lots of bits of coloured paper in bags...which turned out to be different choices of pubs and drinks. The first location/tipple duly picked we wandered off to the Jericho Tavern for tequila slammers and wine (not mixed together though!). Simon appointed himself 'thumb-master' for the evening and then got a bit huffy about the fact that most of the girls at the other end of the table were too busy gossiping to notice his thumb activity!

We finally moved onto The Eagle & Child where love-hearts were exchanged and fruit salad consumed (Simon had brought some penny-sweets for an unspecified reason) and then to New College where we indulged in a 'boat-race' and a game involving flipping cups (a drinking game from the US taught to us by Emily and Elizabeth).

Finally the sad bastards with jobs (Hilary, Nick and Gillian) trudged home in the rain whilst everyone else swanned off to the PT where much dancing ensued. Apparently Nick's "Bandstand Award" from 2005 is under threat as Simon was the next committee member to experience er...unwanted attentions. A good turnout of freshers and a really original idea....cheers Simon!

— Gillian

Christmas Dinner

Sunday 27th November

Esther, Kat, Gillian, Nick, Simon, Verdeep, Ellie, David, Sophie, Emily, Chris, Katie, Alex, Hilary

Isn't tradition marvellous! Some idiots decided years ago that the OULSC Christmas Dinner should be cooked by the committee - which meant turkey & trimmings for 15 people this year! We went up to Hilary & Nick's house in Iffley as they could book a large room, and in the process discovered many culinary and musical talents within the club!

Everyone descended upon Hilary & Nick's humble abode at 8pm and enjoyed Simon's *so-alcoholic-it's-flammable* mulled wine and Esther's mince pies. After cooking a colossal turkey and 50 million different vegetables we carted it all over the road. After many cries of "yuk peas!" (Katie and David), "eugh meat!" (Ellie) and "gag sprouts!" (Gillian) we eventually settled down to eat in the dark (sorry - atmospheric) room. Gillian later presented Christmas cards to our 2 coaches (Nick and Simon), Captain (Katie) and President (Hilary).

The turkey was followed by Nick's Christmas cake and Sophie's chocolates. Then a mammoth washing-up session ensued, enlivened by Alex' piano playing and the murder of several classic Christmas carols. Absentees will be sorry that they missed David and Dominic singing the descant to "O come all ye faithful" in falsetto. Lovely!

Eventually Hilary threw everyone out and it seems that several cyclists couldn't resist stopping at the playpark on the way home (and Emily has the pictures to prove it...).

Quotes: "Pass the lard this way...." (Esther - referring of course to the gravy!)

"I'm so sick of damn turkey" (Hilary - as some people dropped out last minute they were left with a lot of excess turkey!)

Thanks to Chris for help in collecting signatures for the cards; to Simon for organising people; to Hilary & Nick for booking the mansion and cooking and to Dominic for the use of his car.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! To all of our current members and alumni! Gillian