Trinity 2002


Returing Early 0th Week Social

You coming tonight?
Nah, I don't think so

Victor It was the social that wasn't! Desipite many of us being around in Oxford, no-one could quite summon the enthusiasm to actually turn up. The lack of a reminding email probably didn't help (note to social sec - make sure you email people in advance to remind them!)

Hugo So, in the end, just Chris, Aimee and "not actually all that tardy" Becky made it to the Angel & Greyhound before 9pm. Apparently, they had a very exciting game of Cluedo. Then, 20 seconds after the game had finished, Nick rocked in, having finally finished unpacking.

At this point, Chris and Aimee decided it was time to leave. Despite this, we managed to get a photo of them before they dashed out of the door. This left just Nick and Becky, who spent the time until the pub shut discussing obsure 80s TV programs (eg Victor And Hugo and Knightmare). But, before the conversation could reach the edges of TV program obscurity, the rude bar stuff switched off the lights and told us to leave. Ah well...

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The Normal Wednesday Night Social, 2nd Week

Where did you get those pants from?

Nicola and Annant In true lifesaving social style, we congregated upon Wadham bar for 7:30pm. Yup, you guessed it, Chris and Nicola were there for 7:45pm, most people were there by 8:30, and Becky snuck in just before 10:30pm. Jo managed to put in a fleeting appearance, before hearing the call of the library and retiring to do some work for finals.

This being a Wednesday night, Wadham bar played host to the usual pub quiz. In memory of "Dales Fun Quiz" evenings past, we named our team Pam and Dave (don't ask). In the early rounds, we did well, but lacked a stunning flair of brilliance. Then came the TV round. Armed with a few housemates (via "text a friend") and a Wap mobile phone (google rocks!), we did pretty well. For those who are interested, here are the tougher to find answers:

Free Beer! After the TV round was the sports round. We did much better in this won, winning it and thus securing a round of drinks. The few we didn't get right included the face that some footballer had broken his neck before playing in a cup final. Pity Nicola didn't think to tell us that she actually knew that one...

Jo's Pants Post TV round, it was onto the scavenger hunt. This saw us hunting for a picture of the Queen (a stamp), some tomato ketchup (not to be found in any of the kitchens we tried, and nearly leading to a punch-up with another team when we tried to borrow some of theirs...), some very bad underwear (kindly supplied by Jo) and a few other odds 'n sods. We didn't do that well on this round, but some of us did get to see Jo's palacial room.

Who wants to be a millionaire? As last orders approached, and the quiz completed, it was time to move onwards. After much deliberation, Mansfield was selected over St Annes or Green. We set off through the back gate of Wadham, and thus nearly missed Martin and the particually tardy Becky (who were waiting by the other gate). Once we'd collected them, we decended upon Mansfield bar. A quick (if slightly crampt) pint later, the bells of lasts was rung. Urged onwards by its sound, the JCR seemed like a good bet. Thus we found ourselves ending the evening by feeding money into "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". It's a pity we still hadn't leant that Greg was invariably wrong...

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Where's the Pub Quiz? (Wednesday 4th Week Social)

Ahh! There's no pub quiz!

It seems that some people wanted more than one social in 4th week (shock horror! So, following the success of the previous week's "Pam & Dave" pub quiz, a few hardened souls decended upon Wadham bar. The plan was to get there for 8pm, partake in the weekly quiz, and head on elsewhere afterwards.

Martin and Cat, fight! Unfortunately, it seems that Wadham start their entz ban a week earlier than everyone else. Owing to this, there was no quiz on! Oh, and virtually none of the lifesavers turned up anyway.. so, those that did arrive spent some time in Wadham, before deciding to call it a night.

Then, on the way home, the intrepid social goers happened upon a cunning plan. Magdalen Bar! Thus, in true social style, they went to Wadham and then Magdalen, as is often our wont... Thus Nick, Nic, Martin, Cat, Alex and Dom spent the tail end of the evening drinking, talking, wearing Nicola's bracelets and generally starting fights (Annant stylie). So, nothing unusual there then.

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Punting in Fourth Week

It's going to rain again, isn't it?

This was initially going to be a cultural evening, watching "The Marriage of Figaro" in the Magdalen President's Garden. Alas, we were a bit late trying to book tickets, and it'd sold out by the time we'd got our act together.

Nicola and Annant, in a punt Undeterred, we decided to go punting instead. The weather forcast looked pretty good, and it seemed we might avoid a re-run of last year's complete soaking (best described by Chris with "I've never been so wet in my life"!)

As Friday came around, so did the rain clouds. Ah well, maybe it was going to repeat last year, but we carried on undetered. Then, to our amazement, the rain eased and stopped. We dashed to the punts, and made the most of it. Unlike last year, it didn't start pouring down the moment we reached the river, but instead continued to get nicer. Bonus, we thought.

What was over there? We collected those who could be on time (i.e. not Chris, Greg, or Ross and Vicky), and punted round to Bottoms Up. It really is quite easy (despite what Aimee made of it), just under the bridge, left, left and pull up on the right just past the bridge. After a brief stop to collect beer and late comers, and after some amazingly smooth punt manouvering from everyone except Aimee, we headed back upstream. Dom scored bonus points for sucessfully punting with a pint of beer sat on the back of his punt (we told you he could do it, but would you believe us?)

Nicola punts in the dark Quite impressively, no-one fell in. The girlie punt (Aimee, Becky, Ruth, Katrina and Chris) did manage to go the wrong way, but turned round just before they would've grounded. Annant, Steven and Ruth all demostrated considerable skills punting. Greg had a few problems early on, but finally got it together towards the end. Nicola did pretty well, but only after much co-ersion (such as "you're either punting or swimming, your choice"). Chris got the lazy git award for spending all evening being punted by girls. Ah well...

Wrong way round! On our return to dry land, we decended on Magdalen Bar, and continued our drinking. As last orders approached, we decided it was time to move on. Since Nic's housemate Ram was having a party, her house seemed the ideal place to head to. Unfortunately, the heavens had opened while we were drinking, so the walk was a bit wetter than we would've really liked. On arrival at Nic's, the drinking continued in ernest into the early hours of the morning. But for details of this, we'll let Nicola take over.

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A Night of Absynth..... (post punting)

How many people can throw up in my garden?!!!!!

As I think our webmaster may be out of action for some time, maybe I should report on the events of this social... Oh how drunk you all were! Greg as ever, strong til the end was the last to leave, and despite huge amounts of alcohol (and absynth?) you remained standing and I'm well impressed! Of course the amount of crap you were talking was, as ever, also impressive, but actually you were quite well behaved! And then there's Nick... oh dear... how are we feeling the next morning? Let's just say I think my drinks debt to you is now paid off! Do you remember me carrying you all the way home?!! I think we'll leave it to you to describe the rest of your night... (poor Gail!) Steven... very sorry if we scared you! If you still like us after last night then you are a superb bloke! As for good old Annant... hmmm... how much absynth did we manage to get you to drink in the end? Hmmm.... quite pissed weren't you?! Who was that medsoc girl you were trying to chat up? And as for the zip on my top... :) Good old Becky didn't stand a chance as the first thing we gave her to as she entered the door was a huge glass of absynth... it all went downhill from there...


England vs Nigeria, Wednesday 8th Week

An excessivly early morning social....

Rather foolishly, we decided that watching the match together would be a very good plan, despite the fact that it started at 7:30. Since following Nicola's 20th birthday party there was a spare disposable BBQ at her house, and a large TV in her housemate's room, it was quickly decided that we should go there to watch the match.

Come 6:30, those of us who'd agreed to cook breakfast starting from 6:45 started to wish we hadn't. By 6:45, both Nick and Chris (the Chef's elect) were wending their way towards Cowley, when Nicola rang them. "I'm still drunk! And my legs hurt!" she moaned. "To the rescue" they yelled, and within 10 minutes Chris had the BBQ lit and bacon ready to put on it, and Nick had made 10 bazillion cups of tea. Aimee, on the other hand, was still trying to park her car....

By 7:20 we had large amounts of BBQ'd bacon and sausages, fried eggs, and some properly cut bread (we didn't let Cat near it you see!). With another mug of tea/coffee in one hand, and a plate of greasy food in the other, we treked up to Ram's room to watch the match.

With more food than we knew what to do with, lots of tea (two mugs worth on the go at once if you were Chris), a widescreen TV and nearly enough chairs to go round, we settled in for some serious football watching. As it happened, the match really wasn't as good as we'd hoped, but you can't have everything. We also got to find out what Nicola had been up to the night before (it involved several bottles of wine, a free bottle of Champagne from filth and some cheap vodka), which is always good for a laugh....


8th Week Punting

Panic! Panic!

Less than 12 hours after the end of the previous social, we were back at it again. We first went to Magdalen hall for a spot of food, before heading on to the river. In this period of time, we found out that Alex has far too many Phish live recordings, and the Nicola was absolutely not going to drink that night.

We eventually persuaded Ruth to come punting with us for a short while, and so headed off by punt to Hilda's to drop her home. On the way we saw large numbers of swans, geese and their babies, much to Nicola's delight. With Ruth safely home, we headed up to Bottoms Up for some refreshments for the trip.

Mere minutes after setting off again, Nicola had a drink in her hand. Alex aptly demonstrated how to punt, while Nicola showed how not to scare off flies.... We headed down towards the Isis, as shockingly some people had never been there on a punt. On our way we passed a family of "Evil Ducks" (Moorhens to everyone except Nicola), who performed amazing eating feats with beef flavoured crisps. Then, as the night drew in, and we ran low on drink, we headed back and on to Magdalen bar.

As it'd been the Summer Sports Dinner in Magdalen, the bar was packed with drunken rowers and people in black tie. We quickly found a table, ordered a round (well, except Chris...) and started debating where to go after that. Nick and Alex were pushing for Panic, while Nicola seemed more inclined to go somewhere a bit more Cheesy.

After much debate, Chris and Aimee headed home, and Nick, Nic and Alex went to Panic via Nic's house (she'd forgotten to bring some money...) and some very amusing speed walking / lifting. Nicola went home not all that much later, missing such classics as a rock version of "Puff the Magic Dragon", and Nick being the only person to remember the air guitar break in the middle of Punka. Ah well, at least everyone had a good time....

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Bournemouth Regatta Social

Just how hot can it be?

After a scorcher of a day at the beach, we headed back to Nick's house to shower, and have a spot of dinner. Owing to our usual tardiness, and the bottle of wine, this took rather longer than intended, and it was quite late before we finally arrived at the social.

This year, the social was hosted in a British Legion club in Winton. Given the large numbers of people present, and the heat of the day, it was ever so slightly warm inside. While this wasn't anything that large amounts of beer couldn't deal with (or orange juice in John's case), it did unfortunately mean we couldn't dance quite as much as we might've liked to. The University clubs managed to command a fair portion of the dance floor, and demonstrated that we really do know all the dance moves for all the usual cheesy tunes.

When we weren't on the dance floor, we mostly chilled out with the mad Boscombe lot. Unfortunately, none of us won the "Boscombe Wendy" sweepstake, but there was a fair amount raised on it. The poor DJ didn't quite know what to make of it all... but Jo would've been proud ;-)

With the bar shut, a long walk home, and an excessivly early start, we headed home relatively early compared to our usuaul form. Still, those who did stay really regretted it at 8:30 the next morning as we went into isolation. We'll just have to demonstrate our normal form at convention.