Trinity 2003


Bristol Competition Social

Following the great success of the Bristol Competition, was the equally sucessful social, for which everyone except Greg stayed. oxford chill out after the competition

Unlike previous years, where we were given a nice boat and sailed around the Solent all night, this year's social took place in the newly refurbished, 'jazzed up' union. First we traversed the maze of one-way streets and rush hour traffic in Southampton, winding our way slowly to the union...getting lost and generally engaging in mayhem as people swapped cars, pretended they knew where they were going etc.

Will and Greg happy with pints

A few cars took a detour to Toys 'R' Us to complete their Cowboy/Indian costumes. We were then given spicy pasta as a variation from sausages, chips 'n' beans. At this point Annant decided that people hadn't dressed up enough and got some face paints out. Nicola was coerced into being the first dummy and after having put his painting hat on; Annant went round Cambridge, Loughborough and Birmingham. There were a few drinking games going on...the organisers and judges played 'fluffy bunnies', Nicola and Annant played fast hands and then regretted it for the rest of term as they came down with various diseases. As Nicola washed off her face paints while we were still sober enough to notice, she was pinned down and made into a cat!

The toga wearing marrow collection people do their evil shots Costumes galore

Boscombe and the Tabs then joined us on the dance floor as the lifesavers took over the student night at the union. Mind you.. from the photos it seems like we're modelling hats more than anything else. At this point, those who had been to Toys 'R' Us revealed their true strategy. Without any notice, we were all embroiled in a full-scale battle as the water pistols came out. The tabs were trounced by a combined Oxford-Boscome team before recovering slightly to put up something of a fight. At some point Liz and Nicola were cornered and drenched without mercy.
Now what have I forgotten..ah yes, the Burches. Laura (Nick's sister) wasn't too happy that Nick caught her on camera pulling Ian from several different angles. Realising that she couldn't really do much about it herself, she enlisted some help and Nick was soon bundled to the floor and his camera taken off him. It must have been a truly traumatic experience! Tab Chris also tied his shoelaces together and Nick was definitely sitting in the middle of the dance floor for at least 5 minutes trying to work out how to stand up!

We all play drinking games none of which Plymouth knew...

At about 2.30 we headed off to the hall to crash. Nick was clearly mashed and talking about his love-life rather openly. Southampton showed foresight in providing a cooked breakfast the following morning for all remaining lifesavers. As in prior competitions, Annant learnt that Nicola shouldn't be trusted in drunken sleep... she'd managed to dribble/sweat all over his jumper. Eew...nasty! Although some of us couldn't cope with food at this point, the rest of us tucked in. Boscome were kind enough to drop us off to the station so that we could head home.


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May Eve

Social report to come....

Cat and Helen's Birthday

Social report to come...

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St-Anne's Formal Hall

Everyone here likes me! (Greg)

Quite impressively Greg had managed to organise a formal dinner at St-Anne's for everybody. The plan was to meet up at 7.00 have a few drinks, stroll into dinner around 7.30, carry on drinking in Greg's room and the bar before heading on to Filth.
Annant, Nikki, Greg and Liz outside the hall

As ever with lifesaving all went pear shaped. As Nikki hasn't yet learnt how to tell the time, 'Annikki' were fairly late, only just making it in time for dinner. Greg was there (not the last one to arrive for once) looking very swish with Liz on his arm. Our newest lifesaving couple, Nick and Hilary were already seated. We really need a new name for this couple! 'Nickary'...'Hilick'...pass on all suggestions to

The lifesavers tuck into an impressive amount of food, following some

Seating arrangements became complicated as a couple arrived late with seats at either end of the table. Greg didn't want to split up our party so our evening was interrupted at various points by various catering staff coming along and asking us to move... while we refused point blank. Still, the food was fantastic - varied and loads of it! After dinner, 'Annikki' disappeared having muttered something about work, balls and a packed social calendar. Nick and Hilary had a few drinks in Greg's room before heading off home while Greg and Liz went on to Filth.


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St Hilda's Ball

Is Greg late again?
Rescued anyone yet?

As the ball had punts, Nick and Greg wangled free tickets for spending a couple of hours "Lifeguarding" (read helping people in and out of punts, and occasionally punting people). Several other club members also came along, though bizarely many of the club's members from St Hilda's weren't there...


Hilary, Nick, Greg and Liz

Well some of us weren't so lucky to get free tickets... and point of information we only have two current hilda's members and one of us was there! - and Ruth and Cat (with Simon) were there too! but nehows...

Well a good night i think by all.. Nick and Greg (avec Hilary and Liz) got there early to, as Nick says "lifesave" - tho when i spoke to Greg all he seemed to have done was eat about 9 burgers....

The latest lifesaving couple

Two hours before the ball i managed to ruin my dress - (muppet) - by trying to get rid of alcohol stains when the dress is dry clean only - doh! but nehows 'Superman Roderick'(Ellie) came to the rescue and all was well..
well i think the magician was my highlight - producing 'phallic objects' out of foam balls - still haven't figured out how he did that! - but was very impressive! He even gave us balloons - (mine again resembling male body parts...!) Belinda Carlisle was the main act (.8,000 for a 30 minute stint so i believe) - We were about a meter away from the front so pretty good viewing. Belinda!

What else was at the ball...ummm... Bouncy Castle, Rodeo Bull (so annoying being female and having to wear a dress!), Karaoke, Pole Dancers... By about 2.30 i was asleep on South Floor - v.lame - but excuse of having been to Pembroke Ball the night before - and hence went home. Nick and Hilary disappeared to their love shack at 5.30,where as Greg and Liz amazingly didn't and made it to the survivors photo at 6.00am so i believe... and at 6.30 Greg then realised that the survivors photo was supposed to be the end of the ball and went home...

This is very much what i did at the Ball so maybe someone else would care to write something - especially as i didn't see a lot of the Lifesavers and for the last 4 hours of the Ball i wasn't even there?!..

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