Trinity 2005


Annual General Meeting

Friday 6th May

Hilary, Gillian, Jo, Nick, Simon, James R, James S, Lisi, Chris, Emily, Alex L, William

The AGM and dinner this year was an informal occasion at LMH - held in the comfortable college MCR. Nick did all of the shopping and the President and Secretary cooked. There were a couple of last-minute cancellations but still a very good turn out. We met at 7.15pm and enjoyed our mystery memorial sherry for a bit before giving up on Alex R and starting the AGM without him. We suspended some awards and instituted others that are more appropriate, and voted in another committee (see full minutes for details).

Then Hilary and Gillian served the chili-con-carne they had lovingly prepared in the tiny MCR kitchen, including an extra-hot version which still wasn't hot enough for Simon and Lisi. Then we made FAR too many plates/bowls/glasses of strawberries and cream but Alex L still wanted more!

After an heroic washing-up session, we managed to extract Nick and Simon from the (free) table-football machine in order to play "Cranium". Although we were largely improvising the rules and there were pieces missing (typical!) it was lots of fun. There were some interesting hummed renditions of Rod Stewart and Sister Sledge classics and many bemused looks by Jo and Alex. William's ability to spell backwards came in very handy as did Lisi's drawing skills. However, Team Testosterone (James, James and Chris) managed a stunning victory.

Quotes...Alex R [in absentia]: "err...sorry I missed the AGM; I fell asleep!"

James: "you said it looked like a Chav last time I did the drawing!"

Lifesaving 10th Birthday Punting

Bank Holiday Monday 30th May

Hilary, Gillian, Jo, Simon, Nick, Verdeep, Katie, Dominic, William, Emily, Chris, Alex L

We met at 2pm on Magdalen Bridge where Jo and Verdeep kindly arranged 2 Univ punts for us. Simon was carrying vast amounts of food and Gillian had the precious birthday cake. 10 of us squeezed into the punts and Nick and Dominic (Gillian's boyfriend) took us expertly around the Cherwell. Simon made up the Pimms & lemonade (having lovingly cut up the fruit as well) and passed around the bread, humus, fruit and Nick's cookies. Then we lit the candles, sang "Happy Birthday" and cut the luminous blue cake. After a while basking in the sun, Emily decided to have a go at punting one boat, and with some patient tuition we managed to get moving - although we did get rather friendly with the river bank and a couple of low-hanging trees at first! Simon, denying his Tab roots, punted the other boat in the true Oxonian style. Verdeep, Hilary and Gillian also had a go with mixed fortunes! We found Chris at one point, who attempted an impressive leap onto Nick's punt, and then lost William so that we weren't overloaded! Finally we headed back and dispersed to the routine drudgery of essays, revision and labs (meeting Alex L along the way!).

Happy 10th birthday to us!

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Lifesaving Cuppers Social

After Cuppers, Saturday 11th June, 7pm

Verdeep, Alex L, Jo, Hilary, Gillian, Nick, Simon, James R, William, Katie, Lisi plus novices

This was a casual affair organised by our new Social Secretary, Simon. Shockingly a Lifesaving Competition ended on time and we headed to the nearby Oxford Blue to hear the results and enjoy a well-deserved pint at 7pm (or two!). Hilary handed out sweets to all participants (fizzy Lifesavers!) and Simon and Nick revealed the results. After some confusion about which teams were eligible [Hilary & Gillian were not a scoring team], the shiny medals were given to the right teams and photos were taken of the triumphant St. Peter's lads and Jo who lead her Univ to a stunning 2nd place!

Then we began the 'long trek' to the Mirch Masala on Cowley Rd. where we lost a few people en route - there were 8 club members and 3 novices who fancied a curry. The food was quite nice, but the waiting staff spent a long time looking confused about what was missing from the order. It was also quite a hassle getting the bill out of might think they didn't want to be paid!

We tried in vain to get James to join London University Lifesaving Club - purely for comedy value - when he moves there in the autumn and Alison, Gillian and Katie exchanged horror stories about working at the Rosenblatt and argued over which handsome male lifeguard should be the new er...'club mascot'. Eventually we dispersed, Hilary in search of ice-cream and Lisi doing her best to persuade the stragglers to go clubbing!

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Emily's Surprise Party

Thursday 16th June, Emily's house (Regent's Park)

Hilary, Gillian, James R, William, Lisi, Alex L, Verdeep, Sophie B, Chris, Katie, Emily

This was a surprise farewell party organised by Emily's housemates, which was a pretty good excuse to cancel Lifesaving training in week 8 (not that we're slackers at all!). We had to keep the party quiet from Emily, which was fairly tricky and involved some manipulation of the mailing list, and we followed Sophie's instructions and arrived at 8pm wearing pink. There was a bit of a disappointing 'pink' turnout by the lads, except for Nick and Alex who rose to the challenge admirably with their lovely pastel attire.

Emily then arrived a bit later than expected but she seemed very pleased with the surprise anyway! Everything at the party was pink including the dress code, decorations, balloons, champagne and food. There was a suspicious looking punch which actually tasted quite nice and a lot of confusion about whose wine was whose. James R amused himself endlessly by creating static with the balloons and attacking Nick and Lisi with them.

We exchanged woeful/joyous stories about exams and tearful goodbyes with Emily who is off for her year abroad soon.

We'll miss you Emily...see you in 2006!