NPLQ Training Records

If you have an NPLQ from the RLSS or with NARS you will need to keep your training records up to date. The training you do with the club MAY count for this, and you can get our club coaches Simon or Nick to sign your log book.
The records will be updated every week.


Hilary 2006

Week Date Dry Training Wet Training
1 19/01/06 Bystanders, sequence of rescue Rope throws, swim & tow, medley relay, pick ups and turns.
2 26/01/06 Sequence of rescue, ABC checks, CPR for adult and child manikins, 2-person CPR Rope throws, swim and tow, incidents
3 02/02/06 Varsity Trials Varsity Trials
4 09/02/06 Varsity Training Varsity Training
5 16/02/06 Casulty handout, rolling over, recovery position Rope throws, manikin relay, landing unconscious casualies, straddle jump
6 23/02/06 LS1 syllabus - rolling over, ABC checks, EAV, calling an ambulance, action for vomit, recovery position. Adult CPR, contents and use of a first aid kit 12m rope throw and relay, medley relay, torpedo buoy rescue, swimming with fins.
7 02/03/06 AV materials: Bleedig, choking, drowning. Normal and elevation slings, other uses of triangular bandages. Incident. 12m Rope Throw relay, 4x50m medley relay, 4x50m obstacle relay.
8 09/03/06 No session No session

Michaelmas 2005

Week Date Dry Training Wet Training
1 13/10/05 ABC checks, turning over, recovery position, incidents Rope throws, lifesaving sidestroke & backstroke technique, 2m depth recovery, different tows
2 20/10/05 ABC checks, EAV and CPR with an adult manikin Rope throws, priorites for casualties (non-swimmer, weak swimmer etc.), incidents
3 27/10/05 Drs ABC checks, making a 999 call Rope throws, pick ups and touches for the swim and tow, timed 50m swim and tow, incidents
4 03/11/05 Life Support 1 syllabus: ABC, EAV for a casualty dragged from water, action for vomit, recovery position, first aid theory. Water Theory: Sequence of Rescue (shout, signal, throw etc.), Chain of Drowning, Water Safety Code Rope Throws, approaching a casualty, defensive action, 2m reach rescue, 10m throw rescue, unconscious casualty rescue, point of support and water EAV
5 10/11/05 Life Support Theory, chain of survival, differences in LS for adult, baby and child, shock, causes of unconsciousness, incidents Rope Throw relay, swim and tow relay, incidents. BM syllabus including swimming in clothes and landing unconscious casualties.
6 17/11/05 Poisedon rescue video. First aid for burns, adult and child CPR Rope Throws, timed swim and tow, 2m land-based rescue, 20m swim with an aid rescue, 20m swim with no aid rescue.
7 24/11/05 Adult EAV and CPR, incident 12m rope throw relay, 50m swim and tow, 2m land rescue, 10m wade rescue, 10m swim rescue (all with torpedo buoy) 100m contact rescue (no aids) incident
8 01/12/05 Adult and child CPR, EAV (updates) elevation and normal slings, casualties (diabetic, asthmatic, angina etc.) Rope Throw, 50m swim and tow, 25m manikin relay

Wednesday morning swimming also counts as "Swim and Tow, fitness and stroke technique".

Trinity 2005

Week Date Dry Training Wet Training
1 28/04/05 Turning ABC checks, 999 calls, rescue breathing, recovery position. Rope throws, land and water based rescues.
2 05/05/05 Adult and child CPR and EAV, incidents. Rope throws, defensive action during a rescue.
3 12/05/05 Recovery position, action for vomit. Rope throws, timed 50m swim and tow, incidents
4 19/05/05 Drowning chain, chain of survival, incident technique. Rope Throws, aftercare of casualties (shock and hypothermia)
5 26/05/05 Child and baby CPR and EAV, action for choking, water theory. Rope Throws, 50m swim and tow with clothes, resuscitation rescue of an unconcious casualty.
6 02/06/05 Differences in adult, child and baby CPR. Rope Throws, 2m and 10m rescues, landing conscious and unconscious casualties.
7 09/06/05 Adult CPR and EAV sequence, when to go for help, recovery position, incidents. Rope Throw, swim and tow, incidents (preparation for Cuppers).
8 16/06/05 No session due to Life Support Exams No session due to Water Exams

Wednesday morning swimming also counts as "Swim and Tow, fitness and stoke technique".