2014 - A: 14th, B: 26th, C: 50th
2013 - A: 31st, B: 53rd
2012 - A: 17th, B: 42nd, C: 53rd
2011 - A: 19th, B: 35th
2010 - A: 33rd, B: 53rd
2009 - A: 18th, B: 47th
2008 - A: 6th, B: 28th
2007 - A: 5th, B: 42nd
2006 - A: 15th, B: 30th
2005 - A: 23rd, B: 41st
2004 - A: 22nd
2003 - A: 30th
2002 - A: 31st
British University Karting Championships

The British University Karting Championship, BUKC, is the only student karting championship in the UK. Over 60 teams from universities across the country compete against each other in teams of four, racing Club 100 TKM 2-stoke karts, which do 0-60 in a staggering 4.5 seconds.

The British Universities Karting Championship 2012 is open to any full time student studying at an accredited university in the UK.

The championship in 2012 consists of 2 regional qualifiers prior to Christmas followed by 9 national rounds spread over 5 race days in Feb, March and April 2012. In addition 3 separate test days are laid on before the regional qualifiers for drivers to familiarise themselves with the power and the handling of the karts. After Christmas there is one test day prior to the main championship for everyone to get back in the zone!

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