OUMPA Ladies and Gentlemen at Varsity 2013 We are the Oxford University Modern Pentathlon Association (OUMPA). We train in Oxford's first-class facilities located at Iffley Road and compete in a range of matches and competitions from College to National level. Past members have gone on to the GB team and even to Olympic success.

We depend upon a mixture of outstanding, experienced sportsmen and total novices to fill our Blues teams. This has ensured an open and welcoming atmosphere in all that we do. It has also resulted in 17 consecutive Varsity victories over Cambridge.

If you're interested in trying an exciting new sport, why not find out more and give pentathlon a go?

What is Pentathlon?

Women's team celebrating Championed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Modern Pentathlon has its origins in a 19th-century legend. The sport celebrated 100 years as an Olympic Sport at London 2012.

The story goes that a young cavalry officer was sent on horseback to deliver a message. To complete his mission, he had to ride, fence, shoot, swim and run – the five challenges that face competitors in Modern Pentathlon today.

The first element is fencing, in which competitors are required to fence against every other athlete. This is followed by swimming (200m freestyle) and riding (jumping an unknown horse over a 12-obstacle course). Athletes are given points for each element of the competition. Finally, there is the Combined Event, in which athletes are required to shoot five targets within 70 seconds and run 1,000m (three times over). The winner of the competition is the athlete with the greatest overall score.

For more detailed rules and regulations, see Pentathlon GB or the official rulebook.


Most of our training is student run and there are no compulsory early morning starts! Whether you're a serious athlete out to win competitions or you're more keen on the socials and the crewdates, we'd love to hear from you.

You don't have to be proficient at all 5 sports to try pentathlon. We have members with backgrounds in swimming, the Pony Club, athletics, and many other sports. We'll provide training sessions to build your skills and fitness before the annual Varsity Match.

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat
Shoot and Run
Cricket Schools
Rest :) Shoot and Run
7.30-9 AM
Cricket Schools
  Shoot and Run 
7.30-9.00 AM
Cricket Schools
  Hill Session
South parks
Iffley Pool
Beginners Fencing
Cricket Schools
Run and Shoot
5-7 PM
Cricket Schools
Run with OUCCC
1-2 PM
Uni Parks
Fencing - Whole Club
5.30-8 PM
Cricket Schools
  Advanced Fencing
7.30-10 PM
Cricket Schools
9-10 PM
Iffley Pool
9-10 PM
Iffley Pool

(Schedule correct for Hilary Term 2014.)  You can also view the always up-to-date Google Calendar which you can subscribe to.


Last year's competitions:


We have some dashing OUMPA apparel from Nike that can be personalised with your name or initials, see ousportshop.com for more details.

In addition, there are dark blue swimming hats, club-coloured ties and bow ties available to buy from our treasurer. The ladies and gentlemens' teams also traditionally procure an exclusive item of 'novelty stash' for the 18 athletes that compete against Cambridge.


Constitution, Code of ConductMinutes of 2013 AGM.

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President: Dan FoxPresident: Dan Fox
daniel.fox@magd.ox.ac.uk (07787 310832)
Men's Captain: Drew DavyMen's Captain: Drew Davy drew.davy@spc.ox.ac.uk Women's Captain: Saskia GreenhalghWomen's Captain: Saskia Greenhalgh saskia.greenhalgh@sjc.ox.ac.uk Treasurer: Amelia NewlandTreasurer: Amelia Newland amelia.newland@pmb.ox.ac.uk Secretary: Alex FraserSecretary: Alex Fraser alexander.fraser@queens.ox.ac.uk Social Secretary: Mel GurneySocial Secretary: Mel Gurney melanie.gurney@seh.ox.ac.uk Social Secretary: Tommy LeesSocial Secretary: Tommy Lees thomas.lees@chch.ox.ac.uk Publicity and Sponsorship: Katie HicksonPublicity and Sponsorship: Katie Hickson katherine.hickson@stcatz.ox.ac.uk

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