Dr Kanad Mallik's Homepage

Senior Research Fellow

Semiconductor Group

Department of Materials

E-mail: kanad.mallik@materials.ox.ac.uk

Research Interest

I am an innovative experimental materials scientist. My major research interest is integration of electronic materials to make designer materials for device applications. My focus area has been group III-V semiconductors and silicon.

The most recent highlight of my success is engineering very high resistivity low loss single crystal Czochralski silicon substrates for microwave devices operating at GHz-range frequencies. High resistivity Si substrates from commercially available low resistivity Cz-Si have been made using deep level impurity compensation. Si resistivity of more than 100 kΩcm at room temperatures has been achieved from only 50 Ωcm starting material. The material has near-intrinsic free carrier concentrations, and its insertion loss has been measured to be 3 dB/mm in 1-40 GHz range.

Research Achievements