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Kingdom of England, Edward III, 1327-1377, AV Quarter Noble, 4th coinage, Treaty Period (1363-9), Calais mint.
After the Death of Charles IV of France in 1328, Edward claimed the crown as closest male heir as Charles's nephew, but French jurists claimed the crown could not descend through the female line and crowned Philip VI instead. In 1337 Edward refused to pay homage to Philip for the Duchy of Aquitaine, and Philip confiscated the English lands in Gascony in retaliation, thus starting the Hundred Year's War. From 1340 to 1360 Edward claimed the title King of France, but relinquished it at the Treaty of Brétigny in exchange for substantial lands. In 1369 the French broke the treaty, and Edward resumed the use of the title, which his successors retained.
This coins was issued in the treaty period, and, therefore, does not retain the French titles, but still retains the blazon of France Ancient is the first and fourth quarters of the royal shield.
Calais was considered part of the realm of England and issued coins to the English standard, not the French. The only mark to distinguish this from coins struck at the Tower of London is the small annulet in the centre of the reverse. Calais remained in English hands until 1558.
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