Jinghiz Khan Qunduz Jital obvJinghiz Khan Qunduz Jital rev

Great Mongols, Jinghiz Khan, 603-624AH/1206-1227CE, Billon Jital, Qunduz (Kunduz) Mint.
Born Temügin, Jinghiz Khan united the Mongol tribes under a single leadership by 1206. He then conquered the Xi Xia to the south, and the Jin to the south-east, before turning his attention to the Qara Khitai to the south-west, and the territory of the Khwarezm Shah that lay beyond. He also made expeditions against the Volga Bulgars, the Kievan Rus, and the Georgians. His sons were to add to his conquests to form the largest empire the world has known. These conquests became renowned not just for their extent, but by the severity dealt out to those who offered any resistance. Whole cities were butchered, the corpses and heads stacked high whilst the city burned.
Qunduz, now in northern Afghanistan, seems to have fared better than many towns, probably by offering no resistance whatsoever to the Mongol forces.
Coins of this type were originally assigned to the Khwarezm Shah, 'Ala ed-din Mohammed, but the absence of a ruler's name, the Great Khan's coins often being anonymous, there being only one word ''adl' meaning 'justice' apart from the mint details at the edge, and the presence of the bow, a symbol often used by the Mongols, has led to it being reassigned to Jinghiz Khan.
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