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Ayyubids, en-Nasir Salah ed-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub (Saladin), 564-589AH (1169-1193AD), AV Dinar, 580AH (1184-5AD), el-Iskandariya (Alexandria, Egypt).
Yusuf ibn Ayyub was a Sunni Kurd, sent with his uncle to the Ishma'ili Shia court of the Fatimid Caliph el-Adid in Cairo, by Nur ed-Din Mahmud, the Zengid ruler of Aleppo in Syria. He rapidly rose in rank through his military abilities against the Crusaders, eventually to become vizier to the Caliph. In that position he gradually undermined the Fatimid state, and, on the death of el-Adid, abolished the Ishma'ili Caliphate, and turned the state to the cause of the Sunni Caliph in Baghdad. He then conquered the lands of the Zengids in Syria in the 1170s, and the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, giving it a crushing defeat under Guy of Lusignan at the Battle of the Horns of Hattin in 1187, bringing Jerusalem back into Moslem hands. He is buried in Damascus in a Mausoleum next to the Omayyad Mosque.
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Trinity Term 2019


4th week ~ Thursday 23 May 2019

'Hellenistic Greek Countermarks'.
Dr. Peter Thonemann, Tutorial Fellow in Ancient History, Wadham College, Oxford.

Outreach Room, Ioannou (Classics) Centre, 66 St. Giles', Oxford. 5.30pm.


6th week ~ Thursday 6 June 2019

'Coins, Kings, and Cities in the Second Century BC'.
Dr. Aneurin Ellis-Evans, Departmental Lecturer in Ancient History, Oriel College, Oxford.

Outreach Room, Ioannou (Classics) Centre, 66 St. Giles', Oxford. 5pm.


8th week ~ Thursday 20 June 2019

'The Economy of an Egyptian Town in the Roman and Late Roman Periods: The Case of Kom al-Ahmer'.
Dr. Mohamed Kenawi (EAMENA Reseacher, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford).

Outreach Room, Ioannou (Classics) Centre, 66 St. Giles', Oxford. 5pm.


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