Committee Members' Responsibilities

[The Committee]

A committee member may delegate any of the work associated with their post but must ensure that it is still carried out. The Committee Members' Responsibilities are defined in the club constitution, the relevant section of which is reproduced below (amended slightly to take into account the previous version of this page).

Responsibilities for:


  1. Ensure committee members carry out their duties;
  2. Ensure that the Varsity Match takes place and liaise with Cambridge University Orienteering Club to agree a venue and date;
  3. Ensure that the Town vs Gown match takes place and liaise with Thames Valley Orienteering Club to agree a date and public orienteering event near Oxford where the event will be held;
  4. Ensure that Cuppers takes place, and arrange a venue, organiser, planner, controller and publicity for Cuppers and any other event the club wishes to organise;
  5. Take the position of Men's or Women's Captain and select the team for the Varsity Match and any other team orienteering event the club enters;
  6. Decide, in conjunction with the committee, the orienteering events that the club will attend;
  7. Ensure a termly newsletter is published and distributed to all members;
  8. Co-ordinate the club's publicity at the start of Michaelmas Term, ensuring in particular that the club is represented at Freshers' Fair, including booking, creating and finding volunteers for the Freshers' Fair stand;
  9. Compile an annual review [on forms] of the club and of the Men's or Women's team;
  10. Attend Men's or Women's Blues Committee meetings;
  11. Call and arrange venue for AGM.


  1. Give notice of meetings to the members and to the Committee;
  2. Make the agenda for the AGM;
  3. Take and draw up minutes of those meetings;
  4. Notify the Proctors (through the Director of Sport) promptly following the appointment and resignation or removal of Office Holders and other members of the Committee;
  5. Advise the Proctors (through the Director of Sport) promptly of any changes in the Constitution;
  6. Notify the Proctors (through the Director of Sport) not later than second week of every Full Term of the programme of fixtures which has been arranged for that term (e.g. by providing them a copy of the fixture);
  7. Provide the Insurance Section with full details of any insurance cover purchased from or through a national governing body pursuant to paragraph 2(b) above;
  8. Inform the Proctors if the Club ceases to operate, or is to be dissolved, and in doing so present a final statement of accounts;
  9. Register events the club plans to attend with the Sports Federation and register any events the club organises, including training, with BOF;
  10. Inform all members of events the club plans to attend and enter members for the events they wish to attend (arranging accommodation if required);
  11. Inform the Treasurer promptly which members have attended events so that they may be charged accordingly;
  12. Organise transport to events the club attends;
  13. Be responsible for all communications with the British Orienteering Federation (BOF) and distribute all publications or mailings from BOF to the appropriate committee members;
  14. Provide information to anyone expressing an interest in joining the club.


  1. Keep proper records of the Club's financial transactions in accordance with current accepted accounting rules and practices;
  2. Develop and implement control procedures to minimize the risk of financial exposure, such as procedures developed under (a);
  3. Ensure that bills are paid and cash is banked in accordance with the procedures developed under (a);
  4. Prepare an annual budget for the Club and regularly inform the Committee of progress against that budget;
  5. Complete the annual accounts;
  6. Keep OUOC account in the black;
  7. Keep members' balances up-to-date, available and low;
  8. Ensure that all statutory returns are made including VAT, income tax and corporation tax if appropriate;
  9. Seek advice as necessary on tax matters from the University's Financial Division;
  10. Develop and maintain a manual for all written procedures for aspects of the Treasurer's responsibility;
  11. Make all records, procedures and accounts available on request to the Senior Member, the Proctor and Internal Audit;
  12. Unless the Club is designated by the Proctors as a 'recognised sport', forward to the Proctors (through the Director of Sport) by the end of Second week of each Full Term in the Club's first year of operation(1 August to 31 July) a copy of the accounts for the proceeding term signed by the Senior Member, for retention on the Proctors' files; and after the first year of operation forward a copy of the signed annual accounts to 31st July as soon as possible after the year end (and in any event no later than the 1 October following the year end); and
  13. If the Club has a turnover in excess of £30,000 in the preceding year, or if owing to a change in the nature of scale of its activities, it may confidently be expected to have such a turnover in the current year, subject its accounts of audit by the University's auditors (or other auditors approved in advance by the Proctors). Accounts are to be ready for audit within 4 months after the year-end and the costs of the audit shall be borne by the Club.

Training Officer

  1. Organise and inform members of a weekly training schedule, including a weekly run around Oxford;
  2. Keep members informed of any other training activities of interest taking place in Oxford;
  3. Organise one or more training days per term focusing on orienteering skills;
  4. Organise one or more training weeks per year;
  5. Arrange an organiser for a summer tour to a large orienteering competition abroad.

Information Officer

  1. Maintain a up-to-date register of the members of the Club, which shall be available for inspection by the Proctors on request;
  2. Provide members' details to other committee members, with the exception of medical and other sensitive information;
  3. Ensure that the committee member responsible for any trip away from Oxford is notified of any medical information relating to those members traveling;
  4. Maintain electronic mailing lists for all club members;
  5. Update the club web pages regularly.
  6. Ensure that the club's obligations in section 2.(e) of the consitution are upheld.
  7. Act as the Fixtures Secretary for the Club.

Social Officer(s)

  1. Organise Freshers Drinks at the start of Michaelmas Term for all members and anyone interested in joining the club;
  2. Arrange a venue and purchase food for a weekly "Club Lunch";
  3. Arrange a weekly pub session;
  4. Organise the Annual Dinner in Trinity Term;
  5. Arrange other social events and publicise them to club members.

The Outreach Co-ordinator

  1. Liase with local schools and the Sports Federation to arrange a termly programme of outreach activities for the Club.
  2. Plan the activities to take place at each outreach session organised by the club.
  3. Ensure that sufficient volunters from the Club are present at each outreach session.
  4. Liaise with the Treasurer and the Sports Federation to ensure that the Club recieves due payemnt for its outreach work under the University's Community Sports Outreach Scheme.

The Men's or Women's Captain

  1. Select the Men's or Women's team for the Varsity Match and any other team orienteering event the club enters;
  2. Compile an annual review [on form] of the Men's or Women's team;
  3. Attend Men's or Women's Blues Committee meetings.

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