Oxford City Race
Saturday 7th March 2015

Planner's Comments

To follow.

Organiser's Comments

It was great to see so many of you come and enjoy Oxford in the sunshine! In general the event proceeded smoothly and without incident. However control 109 ultimately had to be voided, as Mark Collis explains below. We apologise for any stress this might have caused you out on the course, and hope you still enjoyed the day.

We would like to thank all the competitors for being courteous out on their courses, and adhering to the rules of urban orienteering. We work very hard to gain permission to use the various colleges, and you all showed that they should have no qualms with letting us back in the future.

It has also been refreshing to have a number of people contact us to self-disqualify themselves. Anybody else who now notices they have crossed an uncrossable feature has until the evening of Monday 09/03/15 to let us know before the final results are published.

Finally, a huge thanks to SI guru Jon Marsden and to TVOC for providing so much of the necessary equipment and support. We are only a small club, and there is no way we'd be able to continue putting on a biennial city race without such good support.

Josh Milner & Jamie Parkinson

Controller's Comments

This was my first experience of controlling an urban event, and thanks to the competence and hard work of the OUOC organising and planning team, albeit with a 'just in time' philosophy, it was an easy job to do. Aidan's courses made very good use of the area and required sustained concentration to pick all the left or right route choices correctly and I hope you all enjoyed the challenge.

The only issue on the day was the last-minute move of control 109 following a resident's complaint, affecting courses 5 and 6. It was too late to mark up every map, and although runners were briefed in the start lane both the split times and comments received at the finish made it clear that many people didn't recall this while on the course and ran to the original site. We therefore decided that the fairest action to take was to void the legs to and from this control, which is reflected in the published results.

Mark Collis

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