Forthcoming Events

Varsity Match 2009 - Anne Edwards at the spectator control

The provisional calendar below gives brief details of the events OUOC is planning to attend in the near future.

OUOC will aim to provide transport to all of the events on this termcard, normally leaving on the morning (or evening, for night events) of the event, and returning that afternoon (leaving times will vary depending on the travelling distance).

Every event offers a range of courses suitable for all levels of orienteer - from complete novice to aspiring international. Club members should inform the Secretary if you would like to be entered into an event, before the pre-entry deadline if applicable.

For past events, see the results & reports page.
For social and weekly training events, see the appropriate pages.

Hilary Term 2016

Dates of Term: Sunday 17th January - Saturday 12th March

0th week
  • Tue 12th Jan - Oxford Street Series, 6:30pm - 9:00pm City Centre
  • Sun 17th Jan - SCOA League, New Forest
  • Sun 17th Jan - CHIG "Michael Brandon" Mitre, Epping North
1st week
  • Sat 23rd Jan - SCOA League, Blackwood Forest
  • Sun 24th Jan - SWOA Galoppen, Marlborough West Woods
2nd week
  • Sat 30th Jan - TVOC Run the Oxford Parks, Oxford University Parks
  • Sun 31st Jan - BKO Concorde Chase, Barossa
3rd week
  • Sun 7th Feb - Mike Nelson BOKTrot, Brierley - Forset of Dean
4th week
  • Sun 14th Feb - SCOA League, Christmas Common, Oxfordshire
5th week
  • Wed 17th Feb - Oxford Street Series, 6:30pm - 9:00pm Summertown
  • Sat + Sun 20th/21st Feb - BUCS!, Bristol
6th week
  • Sun 28th Feb - SCOA League, Bratley, New Forest
7th week
  • Sat + Sun 5th/6th Mar - VARSITY!, West Midlands
10th week
  • Tue 22 Mar - Oxford Street Series, 6:30pm - 9:00pm Rose Hill + Iffley

If there are any events you'd like to go to not already on the termcard, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the committee. Even if the club is unable to take a minibus, it is quite possible we will be able to arrange a car or a lift with friendly members of Thames Valley OC or JOK (Oxford University Alumni).

British Relay Championships 2007 - Men's Start

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