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Welcome to OURAS

Widely recognised in Oxford University as being one of the most important and influential of its many departments, colleges, clubs and societies. We're a motley collection of people brought together by one thing above all else - a belief that real ales are underappreciated amongst the student population, and that this serious situation must change.

Founded in 2007, we're always on the look-out for new members who share our love for, and are interested in furthering their knowledge of, cask beers, in the convivial atmosphere of some of the best pubs in Oxford (many of which lie far from the beaten student track). Apart from these weekly socials, we'll also be going on occasional trips to local breweries and ale festivals, as well as organising ale tasting events.

If you fancy joining this wonderful world of ale, drop by at our stall at this year's fresher's fair, or, if you can't make that, have a look at the events page to see what's on each week. You can also join our group on Facebook.

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