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Committee members

You can get in touch with us by clicking on our positions below.

President and Webmaster - Oliver Tozer   (Univ Chemist)

The figurehead of the society, Oliy is charged with being our representative to CAMRA and fostering relationships with other societies, within and outside of Oxford. He's also in charge of the website and mail-list, so feel free to email him about these if you have any comments.

Secretary - Ben Clough   (Teddy Hall Chemist)

Ben is in charge of organising the Society's events and advertizing them through the mail-list. If you have any suggestions for events we could do, feel free to email him

Treasurer & Webmaster - Adam Brumfitt   (Brasenose Historian)

Adam is in charge of making sure Ben and Oliy don't spend all the club's funds on one pub trip.

Non-Portfolio - Michael Higham   (Exeter Chemist)

Michael, as a non-portfolio member, is there to perform the tasks that don't fit into others' roles.

Non-Portfolio - Gavin Dold   (Magdalen Physicist)

Gavin is our other Non-Portfolio committee member.