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Our next event: Pub Walk to the Perch & Trout
Saturday 3rd week (17th May) 1pm

This week we'll be heading for a walk (weather-dependent, of course) up the river to the Perch and Trout pubs. If the weather is nice, this is one of the nicer walks you can do within the ring road, and these two pubs are both very nice. The chances are we'll be heading back via Jericho, and probably stopping in a couple of other drinking establishments if there's a call to.

Trinity 2014 termcard

27th Apr Sun 1st week 3pm Pub meet, Head of the River
3rd May Sat 1st week 10am Reading Beer Festival
10th May Sat 2nd week Midday Banbury Beer Festival
17th May Sat 3rd week 1pm Pub Walk to Perch and Trout pubs (among others)
25th May Sun 5th week 2:30pm Punting and/or Croquet, with beer