OUSFG Banquet

The OUSFG Banquet will be held on Saturday of 5th Week (16 February 2002) in Balliol Hall. We meet at 7:30pm in Balliol's Massey Room (drinks reception), with the banquet starting at 8pm.


The cost is £19.50, plus £2.00 for port. Please pay by cheque (there'll be a 50p surcharge for cash).

Cheques should be made out to Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group (or some reasonable abbreviation, eg. OU Speculative Fiction Group or OUSFG) and given to the the Treasurer or another member of the OUSFG committee.


Smoked Duck and Roquefort salad

Roast Saddle of Lamb Resting on a bed of wild mushrooms served with thys
Chateau potatoes
Stuffed courgettes and seasonable vegetables

Creme Brulee tartlet, Black Cherry Compote.

Vegitarian Menu

Tian of Aubergine and Tomato served with herb and garlic riotta

ncal Nut Wellington and red pepper coulis

Creme Brulee tartlet, Black Cherrmpote

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