OUSFG Banquet

The OUSFG Banquet will be held on Friday of 5th Week (18th February 2005) in Pembroke College. There's a drinks reception at 7pm, with dinner served at 7.30pm. The menu is as follows:



Grilled Goats Cheese on a French bread Croute with a side salad

Main Course

Grilled Darne of Salmon on a bed of stir-fried vegetables


Raspberry Sorbet in a Brandy snap Basket garni with Exotic Fruits

Coffee & Mints

There will be a vegetarian option for the main course, but the chef chooses that to fit in with the menu, and I haven't heard back about it. Once I have, I'll send another message out. Non fish-eating vegetarians can still book a place now, and specify that they want the vegetarian option, if they aren't bothered about what it will actually be. The price is £25 for those drinking alcohol, and £19 for those who aren't.

If you'd like to book a place, send Mark an e-mail to mark.hunter@pembroke.oxford.ac.uk, clearly stating whether you want the standard menu or vegetarian option, whether or not you want alcohol, and any special dietary requirements (e.g. nut allergy or lactose intolerance - they can cope with most things). If you want to book a place for someone else as well, or guest(s), be sure to include the same information about them. It would also be useful if you could give their name. Additionally, if anyone coming is a student at Pembroke, could they let Mark know that as well. The deadline for booking a place is midday on Friday the 11th February (Friday of 4th week).

For payment (ideally before the dinner), you can give cheques, made payable to OUSFG, to Mark at any meeting, or pidge them to him at Pembroke. For anyone outside the university/Oxford, if you want to post cheques, the address is:

Mark Hunter
Pembroke College
St. Aldates
Oxford OX1 1DW

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