OUSFG Library Organisation

The OUSFG library is arranged into boxes according to these rules.
  1. Three part names are filed under final name, so Barry Gimpson Thomas is filed under Thomas, not Gimpson.
  2. Double-barrel names are filed under middle name, so Barry Gimpson-Thomas is filed under Gimpson, not Thomas.
  3. Comics are filed under writer, and not artist.
  4. Non-fiction is now filed seperatly. Biographies are either filed in this box, or under the name of the subject rather than the author. This also holds true for studies of an author's work.
  5. Books with more than one author are listed under the first name on the cover not the first author in alphabetical order.
  6. Short stories by a single author are filed under that author. Anthologies are filed in a seperate box.
  7. Ace Flipside books are filed under anthologies.
  8. Van/de/le any such foreign prefix to a surname is ignored in filing; so Ursula K. LeGuin is filed under Guin. Ignore this in the case of Mac or Mc anyone, which is filed under M.
  9. The library rules are not bound by the static paradigm.

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