OUSFG Hilary Termcard 2001 (Provisional)

Sunday meetings are library meetings (from 8pm). Sunday of 7th Week will also be the OUSFG Annual General Meeting. Wednesdays (from 8pm) mostly alternate between video and discussion meeting, as follows:-

Wednesday Meetings
1st WeekVideo meetingDark Star and Fearless Vampire Killers (TBC)
2nd WeekDiscussionTim's game, Writer's Block
3rd WeekVideo Meeting1984 and 2010
4th WeekDiscussionAlX's: In Defence of Bad
5th WeekVideo MeetingBeing John Malkovich and Blue Velvet
6th WeekAuthor meeting
Ian Watson (cancelled)
Tom and Mike: Utopias
7th WeekVideo MeetingX-Men and Mystery Men
8th WeekSilly Games

On Saturday of 4th week, many of us will be going to Picocon. The banquet will be on Saturday of 6th week. There will be a bonus video meeting (in the library), showing Angel, on Saturday of 6th week (TBC).

Video meetings are held in Magdalen JCR TV Room. To get there, follow the path right from Magdalen Lodge under an archway and into the quad with the cloisters. Go right, around the quad, until you reach the staircase on the opposite side (labelled JCR) and go up the stairs. Go through the double doors on the first floor and turn right into the TV room. If these doors are locked, please knock loudly.

Library meetings, discussion meetings, the bonus video meeting, and the AGM are also held in Magdalen, but to get there, you must turn left from the Lodge. Go under a medium-sized tower into St Swithuns' Quad and exit through the opposite corner. Turn left and then turn right towards the new block of buildings near the gate. Go under the archway, and you want the second door on the right, and the buzzer labelled "Niall".

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