OUSFG Trinity Termcard 2001 (Provisional)

Sunday meetings are library meetings in Niall's room (8pm to midnight). Wednesdays (from 8pm) mostly alternate between video and discussion meeting, as follows:-

Wednesday Meetings
1st WeekVideo meetingSpaced (season 1, episodes 1-2); then Galaxy Quest
2nd WeekDiscussionTop 10 lists
3rd WeekAuthor MeetingIan Watson
4th WeekDiscussionGeneva: Worth worshipping? Gods in genre fiction
5th WeekVideo MeetingSpaced (season 1, episodes 3-4); then The Cell (not Forbidden Planet)
6th WeekDiscussion
7th WeekVideo MeetingSpaced (season 1, episodes 5-6); then Dark Star
8th WeekSilly Games(Niall's room)

There will be a bonus video meeting showing The 10th Kingdom on Saturday of 2nd week in Niall's room.

Video meetings are held in St Johns, 8pm to midnight. Directions: Enter St. Johns through front gate. Take first left, past chapel and hall, through into North Quad. Go to far end of quad and through tunnel to Tommy White Quad. Down the steps on your left and across the gardens to the bottom of Staircase 8. On your left is a door, marked MCR I think. Hopefully this will be wedged open; come in and go through the door on the left. If the first door isn't wedged open take a few steps forward and tap one of the thin glass panes; someone will come and let you in.

Discussion meetings are in the Blue Boar Seminar Room in Christ Church. Go through the main gate and head for the far left hand corner of the quad. Follow your nose straight ahead until you get to a blue door - the doorcode is 1510, go through into a passage into the next open air bit, turn left down some shallow steps, and across into a residential looking quad. Follow the path round, and up a slope/steps on the opposite side. The Blue Boar room is in the basement of the block you should now be facing - go down the steps, same door code, and turn left into the room.

Ian Watson will be talking to us this term about his rôle in the film AI (Aunty Tanaqui recommends: this and this). This will take place in the Blue Boar Seminar Room in Christ Church (see above) at 8:15pm on Wednesday of 3rd Week (9th May).

The Punt Party will be on Saturday of 7th Week.

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