The OUSFG Termcard
Hilary Term 1999

This is the preliminary schedule. Sundays are library meetings - these will be held in Niall's room in Magdalen's Longwall Street buildings, at 8:00. The exception to this is the first meeting - this Sunday - which starts in Alex's room then moves to Niall's room at about 9:30, so people can more easily find the room. Standard video meetings will hopefully be shown in Magdalen JCR TV room. Meet in the lodge at 8:00. If not, they will be in Ruth's room again. Bonus video meetings will be in Ruth's room, at 8:00.


1st week: Videos - Blade Runner and Metropolis
2nd week: Discussion - Ruth on terraforming in SF
3rd week: Videos - Anime night
4th week: Discussion - Tom and Niall on nanotech and stuff, I think.
5th week: Dave Langford, in Oriel JCR annexe
6th week: Michael Marshall Smith, in Oriel JCR annexe
7th week: Videos - Something (can't remember) and Cube
8th week: Phillip Pullman, in Oriel JCR annexe

Sunday 7th week: AGM - if you want to stand for a committee post, you need to nominate yourself, and get someone to second you. You also need a second if you want to modify the constitution.

Saturday 7th week: Banquet - probably in St Johns, probably costing somewhere in the region of twenty quid, black tie or something cool is the dress code, I think.

Bonus videos:

Monday 5th week: Mysterious Cities of Gold
Monday 8th week: Wizard of Oz (with Pink Floyd), Reboot

Note - traditionally, the AGM has been the day after the banquet. This is changing this year, as else not all the committee can make it.

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