What Is This Thing Called Sfinx?

Sfinx is a more-or-less-annual amateur magazine which has been displaying the gifts of writers of speculative fiction in Oxford for nearly twenty years. This issue is Number Six of the `new series', which started after financial hardship forced a brief hiatus in the mid-80s.

Although in the past Sfinx has published material by professional authors, we are prouder of our record of discovering talented writers - Colin Greenland, Dave Langford, Michael Scott Rohan and a host of others found publication in Sfinx before ever achieving professional sales.

Will any of the authors in the magazine you're holding join the ranks of the professionals? Only time will tell, but I venture to suggest that there is material here superior to much of the hackwork that clogs the shelves at W H Smith.

Rather than describe the seven stories here, I'll encourage you to turn the page swiftly and hear them speak for themselves, with just the following note: Sfinx is always looking for submissions, both of stories and of artwork, and the editors are keen to work closely with authors improving what may originally appear unpromising material. Chris Ewels, two of whose stories appear here, has just joined the editorial team, and any submissions or general comments should be sent to him at Keble College, Oxford.

Good reading!

Mo Holkar