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Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group

New: the fresh, unsullied, new OUSFG Committee.

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If you want more information on OUSFG, please contact the President, Duncan Martin (at Christ Church or duncan.martin@christ-church.oxford.ac.uk), or Secretary, Eleanor Joslin (at St John's College or eleanor.joslin@sjc.ox.ac.uk).

Please contact me at T.J.Adye@rl.ac.uk if you want to add anything to these pages. God forbid, however, that we ever put Zool III here!

Thanks to our hosts, the Oxford University Particle and Nuclear Physics sub-department, for providing a physical home for our private (sub-microscopic) cyberspace.

This is an experimental Welcome Page for OUSFG. You may prefer the old OUSFG Welcome Page or my other experiment. I would be greateful for any comments you might have on the style or contents, particularly if you have any trouble using it (I've tested it using Unix/VMS Netscape, Mosaic, Lynx, and the CERN Linemode Browsers, but there could be problems that I haven't seen with other versions or customisations).

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