Zool: Resurrection

There Is No Story, Only Zool

Greetings, earth beings, and welcome to the fourth incarnation of Zool, death planet where the renegade criminals of ten thousand worlds etc . Zool is a shared-world anthology; an evolving multi-authored story; a really shit piece of SF parody. People join the Zool project, they each write a chapter in turn, and we stop when the fat lady sings. We end up with a masterpiece: a new work of Zool. The previous incarnations of Zool are lost in deep time now, and it is time to bring Zool bang up to date with a bitchin' 21st-century cycle. New Zool: New Danger.

The people involved with Zool right now are:

The chapters written so far are:

  1. A New Dope, Tom Anderson
  2. Der Stasi Von Catan, Zac Appleton
  3. To Infinity and Beyond, William Ramsden
  4. The Swordsman's Oaf, John Phillips
  5. zOoL, Niall Harrison
  6. Fear And Loathing On Zool, Doug Pippy
  7. The Construction of Fallen Tsars, Phil Gardner
  8. A Gathering of Forces, Peter Sidwell (lost elder)

That is all. This is nothing to do with Ghostbusters. Or Amigas.