How To Join

In person training will be stopped from Wednesday 4th November onwards due to the lockdown.

Virtual training will take its place, to find out how to join this please join our mailing list.

When and Where

Whether you're a new or old face in Oxford, and whether you're a seasoned Martial Arts veteran or fancy trying something different and exciting, you're more than welcome to join us at OUTKD. 

You can join any of the sessions below at any time during the year - come wearing comfortable, loose clothing (tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt are fine) and bring a water bottle to keep hydrated and a skipping rope if you have one.
You will also need to bring light trainers or socks with grips, as barefoot training is not possible at the moment. 

Please book here using Playwaze before you attend, as we have limited capacity for each session. 

Training Times for Michaelmas 2020:


 16:30 - 17.30

  Iffley Sports Centre, Acer Nethercott Hall


 18:45 - 19:45

  Iffley Sports Centre, Main Hall

Click here for a map showing how to get to the sports centre from town. Ask at reception how to get to the main hall and new hall.


If you enjoyed the taster and would like to become a member, then you'll need to fill in two forms, the first is for membership to OUTKD, and the second is for a UKTA licence. All martial arts practitioners need a licence, which also covers insurance in case of injury during class. 

UKTA licence form (cheques to Didcot TKD) OUTKD Membership form (cheques to OUTKD)  

Membership fees for OUTKD are £45.00/term or £100.00/year, with cheques made payable to OUTKD. This entitles you to attend as many of the training sessions as you like, and also gives you the option of training with Master Miller at his school in Didcot. A quarterly copy of UKTA Today magazine is also given to full members.

Annual UKTA membership is £30.00, with cheques made payable to Didcot TKD. Please also provide 3 passport sized photos for the licence.

If you have any questions about membership, don't hesitate to ask our treasurer.

Mailing List

To keep up to date with club events/gradings/general news we recommend joining our mailing list. To do this send an e-mail to Unrecognized email addresses may be queried by the list administrator to ensure that we avoid spammers, so it might take a while until you get an email that confirms your subscription.

To remove your address from the mailing list, send an email from your registered account to

For any mailing list queries, please contact the OUTKD IT Officer.