Once the hot sunny days of trinity term return there's nothing like being out in the sun, green grass, getting a break from that urgently due essay. What better way to do this than to take part in women's cricket at Oxford.
OUWCC is here to promote women's cricket at college and university level. We provide free coaching throughout the winter terms, as well as in summer, to get everyone ready for the summer season. As a result of the high standard of coaching in the university even people who have never played cricket before have a chance to earn a Half-Blue in the Oxford-Cambridge Varsity Match.
What we're involved in:
OUWCC have an excellent record in the Varsity Match. We also participate in the BUCS competition, reaching the quarter final this year and the finals in the last two years. Competitive matches are supplemented by a large number of friendly matches and we get to experience competition with other women's clubs and men's college sides.


As well as the high standard of competition, there has always been an excellent atmosphere in the team and a very active social programme.

Inter-College Women's Cricket
Women's Cricket Cuppers is an inter-college competition run by OUWCC during the summer term. Matches are played on college pitches. The format is usually a round-robin league with the winners of each group proceeding to a knock-out competition. Last year's winners were Pembroke. Most people competing in cricket Cuppers have never played before, though we encourage all the experienced members of OUWCC to share their skills and coaching with their college teams also.
Find out more!
You can find out more about women's cricket in Oxford at the Fresher's Fair or by contacting one of our committee, or by coming along to one of our coaching sessions in the indoor nets at Iffley Road Sports Centre. Everyone's welcome, and you'll be surprised how easy it is to learn to play!

To contact us...
If you would like to know more about OUWCC, you could contact our president, Amanda Sturmer . If you have any comments about this website, please feel free to email Claire Bell .



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