Core Macroeconomics, Hilary Term 2013


Dr. Brian A'Hearn


1. Mi-Jin Kim, Jiaqi Li, David White Th. 10:30
2. Prerna Aswani, Harry Fisher, Kayleigh Hubbard Th. 11:30
3. Linus Adelt, Will Brown, Pavel Linshits Th. 2:00
4. Alice Macmillan-Douglas, Laurence Eastham, Will Rowlands Th. 3:00
5. Jess Brydon, Jack Kinnersley F. 11:30
6. Taha Hazari, Amelia Newland, Dan Pennington F. 2:00
7. Aysha Bagchi, Helen Jack, Misiek Don-Semion F. 3:00


8 weekly tutorials
8 written assignments - a mix of short and longer essays


Week 1.Growth
Week 2. Intertemporal choice
Week 3. Review IS-LM / AS-AD; theories of equilibrium unemployment
Week 4. A Keynesian closed-economy model
Week 5. The open economy
Week 6. The open economy part II
Week 7. Fiscal policy
Week 8. New Keynesian Microfoundations

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