Marianne Aspbury

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Marianne Aspbury

Doctoral Student at the

SABS CDT, intake 2018.

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Please see my main webpage: Paediatric Neuroimaging Profile. This page may be outdated.


Completed Integrated Masters degree in Natural Sciences (MSci, Physics with Chemistry) at the University of Bath in 2018. This included a professional placement year (2015/16), where I worked at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility on sample preparation and equipment maintenance for the Soft X-ray Beamline.
Before graduating I also undertook a summer research internship at the University of Bath (2017), where I worked on statistics of intra- and inter-hospital MRSA transmission.
Despite being a "Physicist/Chemist" by training, I have always been interested in applying an understanding of quantitative and physical sciences to complex problems in biology.

Research Interests

Using statistical and computational models to inform aspects of healthcare, such as the treatment and prevention of disease, improving clinical care and quality of life.

Previous Research


General Interests

Beyond research, I enjoy a range of activities including football, kickboxing, cycling, and skiing/snowboarding - which I miss from my time in Grenoble by the Alps. Sometimes I also like to rest! e.g. by reading or playing board games with friends.