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Welcome to the motorbike-club mailing list info file!

This list is for anyone interested in motorcycling. Specifically, if you use a motorbike or are just interested in motorbikes, would enjoy going out on the occasional run or just out for a pint/cuppa and talk bikes, or just talk bikes, then this is the list for you.

At present, the club is really  just this mailing list of assorted bikers, some of whom go out for the occasional lunchtime or after work ride/pint.  Not everyone on the list has yet made it to one of these, due to odd  academic working hours, kids (I've got 4) and other commitments. This means that  weekly or regular meetings aren't yet really practical for most people, but we have managed to overcome these obstacles on a  few occasions and had a good time!  All bikers are welcome.

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