Favourite routes

Andrew Thompson:
If you've not taken the B4437 Charlbury to the junction with the  A361 near Burford before do it this Summer.  Six miles of swoops, hairpins, dips, and crests
and very little traffic.  I usually have to turn around and do it again before continuing.

Mike Leahy:
The A338 from Wantage to Hungerford across the downs, then the A4 toMarlborough and on to Devises along the A361.

I love em - hills, bends, ace views . They're busy during the holliday periods, and the road surface on the A338 has been pretty grim recently, but early mornings over the weekend they are brilliant. I used to see a girl in Trowbridge and it was worth it for the trip over there, especially on my old EXUP. The bendy bits through Savernake at around the ton are ace. Not quite up to fish hill standard, but longer.

For smaller, slower bikes the roads around my gaff between the A40 and A4095 near Eynsham and Freeland are ace (if you're careful), and for trailies there are loads of green lanes where there is much less risk of accidents per unit fun.

Nick Edwards:
The A361 from Bloxham to Chipping Norton isn't bad, and following it down to Burford is nice, though the surface was not great the last time I went on it. (This route was picked by someone else in Bike last year as pretty good) Going the other way from Chippy the A3400 up to Stratford is nice and fast and the turn off down the B4035 back to Banbury has some good views and nice bends. (Some of us did that one late last year).  A422 up to Stratford from Banbury is also nice and quick with the added fun of the hairpins at Edgehill!

Euan Drysdale:
I can recommend my `scenic' route to work.  Basically: Kidlington->Bladon Bladon->Eynsham: by now the tyres should be nicely warmed.  Then to Stanton Harcourt on the B4449, then small roads passing near Standlake until you join the A415.  A415 to Frilford (A few nice bits- some of the curves between Newbridge and Kinston Bagpuize are great fun).  A338->East Hanney (one of the most outrageous 50 limits I know- no reason for it. Even the buses manage a steady 60.)  Then a great wee road through Steventon (very fast- can see miles ahead) and then back onto the main road up to Chilton (where I work).  About 5 miles further than the A34 route to the same place but it puts much more of a smile on my face.!

Gideon Nisbet:
Just about anything near Burford puts a smile on my face. Burford-Stow on the A424 is v. pretty, but usually clogged with the clueless. But from Stow onwards on the B4077 is *fun* -- one or two zippy straights, lots of swoopy Cotswoldy bits and two challengingly twisty villages where the speed limit is definitely there for a good reason (Upper Swell, Ford). Then down over the Cotswolds escarpment on an excellent zig-zag...

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